2009 Triple Threads Review

When a box of 2009 Topps Triple Threads arrived at my doorstep earlier this week I was giddy with excitement. You see, I was dying to bust a box in 2007 but ultimately decided against it due to the unreasonable card shop price. By 2008, none of my players were in the checklist and I moved on.

I have to say, this is one of the perks of being a card blogger. I could not afford Triple Threads in 2007 and sure as heck couldn’t come close this year. That being said, despite my love for this brand which gets ripped apart in forums and other blogs, I will be incredibly honest with my review.

Triple Threads is not a perfect brand. For one, despite being “high-end” it features those bright holographic stickers that Topps stopped using in other sports. Second, the base cards are almost worthless as they feature a recycled design. I was shocked to find myself tossing them to the side while looking for my “hits”.

As for the relics and autographs, they look great and feature a Refractor-like glow to them. I pulled two decent players from my box but as always there is risk and you just might find yourself with a dud in your box. One must remember that this is a hobby and more often than not duds is exactly what we get stuck with.

If you love collecting for the fun it provides and not because you’re looking to make a profit, Triple Threads is one brand every collector should experience at least once in their lifetime. Even to a guy like me who enjoys retro-themed products, it was a blast.

With all that being said, the grade reflects the box reviewed. It’s fun and looks great but for that kind of money I’d much rather buy something with extra content that offers more in return. Similar cards of those two hits have sold for less than $50 on eBay combined.

Where’ d the C-note go …?


Current eBay price – $145-$150

Guarantees – One auto triple relic & one triple relic per box

Look for – “White Whales”, printing plates, foldouts

The Good:

The main attraction looks great as always

The Bad:

Base cards completely obsolete

Old sticker labels still in use?


Triple Relic – Hideki Matsui #’d to 18

Triple Relic Autograph – Jon Lester #’d to 99

Final Grade: C+



  1. If not for the price tag, this could be a great set. There can be some nice looking cards, such as that Lester, which are great acquisitions on eBay. When it comes down to sticker autos and the same old, same old when it comes to patches there isn’t a heck of a lot in these packs to make these cards worth the retail price. Seems better to take the cost of one box and go shopping for singles on eBay.

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