2009 Limited Football Review

After bustin’ my third different football release by Panini America I am beginning to see a pattern. It appears each release will have rainbow foil, sticker autographs, and similar designs to previous years. For some releases it works, for others it doesn’t.

I opened a box of Limited Baseball in 1997 and fell in love with everything from the design, to the parallels and even the inserts. Unfortunately, due to some great releases that year I found out that every collector I talk to, even those that collect nothing but 90’s releases, barely remember Leaf Limited.

I feel like Limited Football has some great design aspects and the sticker autographs add to the design, if you can imagine, but I fear that it under-achieves when it comes to price and giving collectors what they want. For example, I was thrilled to pull the large jersey relic but was disappointed to find out it was “event-worn”, not “game-used”.

As for the Material Moniker card, it’s one of the nicest Panini cards to come out this year. It features an excellent photograph, a not too small game-worn relic, Rainbow foil and despite all these elements the card does not feel “busy” or overproduced.  Panini needs to produce more cards like these.

Panini Limited Football has some huge “hits” in the product but for the same price I’d much rather bust 2009 Certified Football which includes more cards, not to mention relics and autographs. Yes, Limited looks a lot better than Certified but offers too little a reward in my opinion.


Current eBay price – $68-$75

Guarantees – Two autographs or relics per box

Look for – Cut signatures & much more

The Good:

Strong design on relic cards and autographs

Every card in box is serial numbered

The Bad:

Seven cards per box not quite enough for price point

Collectors want “game-used”, not “event-worn”


Relic – Knowshon Moreno #’d to 50

Autograph – Jarett Dillard #’d to 399

Autograph/Relic – Dan Fouts #’d to 25

Final Grade: B-



  1. Would have been ok to give it a C+. You are right about the number of cards.. That Fouts Autor/Memorabilia is cool. I remember those Chargers teams of Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Wes Chandler, Charle Joiner and Chuck Muncie scoring 45+ points a game and losing becuase there D was so god-awful

  2. Any rookie jersey card for football is event worn, no matter the product/manufacturer. It is really the only way they can produce jersey/patch cards for rookies, it sucks but at the same time they are meeting consumer demand for those types of cards for rookies.

  3. Mario

    There’s actually not a pattern as far as base. If you want foil buy hobby, and if you want regular gloss buy retail.

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