2009 MLB Awards – You Pick ‘Em!

With the championship likely already in the hands of the $200+ million dollar team, I figure I’d focus my attention to the major awards soon to be handed out.

This is one of the few times when collectors can make a killing on eBay if they list an award-winner’s most sought after cards after the announcement.

The Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young awards will be announced starting November 12th and will last up until November 20th.

Who are your picks?

Rookie of the Year

American League –

National League –

Most Valuable Player

American League –

National League –

Cy Young

American League –

National League –

2009 National League Rookie of the Year?

26 thoughts on “2009 MLB Awards – You Pick ‘Em!

  1. Rookie of the Year:
    A.L: Gordon Beckham
    N.L: J.A Happ

    A.L: Mark Tiexiera with Mauer at a close 2nd.
    N.L: Albert Pujols

    Cy Young:
    A.L: Justin Verlander or possibly Grienke.
    N.L. Adam Wainwright

  2. ROY:
    AL- Andrew Bailey
    NL- Tommy Hanson
    AL- Joe Mauer
    NL- Albert Pujols
    AL- Felix Hernandez
    NL- Tim Lincecum

  3. I think the Rookie of the Year races are going to come down to the voter’s emphasis on “everyday players.” I think both spots should be given to pitchers, but each could lose the award because they only went out every fifth day. For that reason, I’ll provide options for each with my true picks.

    NL ROY: Tommy Hanson. I think Hanson will win, but your boy Coghlan certainly puts up a solid, solid case. Did you see him on MLB Network hitting this week?
    AL ROY: Rick Porcello. If the award doesn’t go to the 21-year-old, it has to go to Elvis Andrus for his offensive and defensive contributions through the ENTIRE season.

    NL MVP: Albert Pujols. No doubter, should win by a landslide.
    AL MVP: Joe Mauer. All that production coming out of the catcher’s spot is ridiculous.

    NL CY: Chris Carpenter. Almost the same amount of production as Wainwright through 10 less innings and six less games!
    AL CY: Zack Greinke. If he loses, baseball will have committed a travesty.


  4. After seeing him in person, Andrew McCutcheon of the Pittsburgh Pirates has all the tools to be a star and could be NL ROY.

  5. I have to catagorize these players differently, due to the fact the awards are given to a player who has helped in the post season, I have to say

    NL-MVP —Raul Ibanaz
    AL-MVP—Derek Jeter

    Cy Young-NL—Cliff Lee
    CY Young-AL—Yankees take your pick
    ( subject to Change)

    Again we had this same discussion last year and the votes are determined what happens in the post season. Look at Maurer he should get it but I will bet a card he won’t. Pujols just a bear to get it, but did not make the post season.

  6. Who Will Win (Who Should Win)
    AL ROY: Gordon Beckham
    NL ROY: Tommy Hanson (Coghlan)

    AL Cy Young: CC Sabbathia (Felix Hernandez)
    NL Cy Young: Adam Wainwright

    AL MVP: Mark Teixeira (Joe Mauer)
    Nl MVP: Albert Pujols

  7. AL ROY: Beckham
    NL ROY: McCutchen

    AL MVP: Mauer
    NL MVP: Pujols

    AL Cy Young: Greinke
    NL Cy Young: Carpenter

  8. Rookie of the Year

    American League -Jeff Niemann

    National League -Chris Coughlan

    Most Valuable Player

    American League -Carl Crawford

    National League -Prince Fielder

    Cy Young

    American League -Felix Hernandez

    National League -Adam Wainwright

  9. AL ROY: Andrew Bailey
    NL ROY: McCutchen

    AL MVP: Mauer
    NL MVP: Pujols

    AL Cy Young: Greinke
    NL Cy Young: Wainwright

  10. AL CY: Zach Grienke – Imagine if he was on a team that didn’t suck.

    NL CY: Adam Wainwright – because I couldn’t decide between Carpenter and Lincecum

    AL MVP: Joe Mauer – duh

    NL MVP: Albert Pujols – double duh

    AL ROY: Gordon Beckham – ‘cuz I’m a homer

    NL ROY: Tommy Hanson – ditto

  11. AL ROY: Andrew Bailey
    NL ROY: JA Happ
    AL Cy Young: Zach Greinke
    NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum
    AL MVP: Joe Mauer
    NL MVP: Albert Pujols

  12. Rookie of the Year

    American League – Porcello

    National League – Hanson

    Most Valuable Player

    American League – Mauer

    National League – Pujols

    Cy Young

    American League – Greinke

    National League – Wainright

  13. How do you figure Pujols didn’t make the post season? Did the Cardinals not play the Dodgers in the NLCS? πŸ™‚

  14. NL ROY: Tommy Hanson (he’ll be the next Lincecum I think)
    AL ROY: Gordon Beckham (I’m not a huge fan of watching AL Rookies so its nothing concrete)

    NL MVP: Albert Pujols (duh)
    AL MVP: Joe Mauer (his BA and he’s clutch, enough said)

    NL Cy: Tim Lincecum (He pitched more then a month more then carpenter so the fact he retained those numbers is more impressive)
    AL Cy: Zack Greinke (I think he is the clear winner even with Felix and Verlander)

  15. AL ROY – Andrew Bailey
    NL ROY – Andrew McCutchen

    AL MVP – Joe Mauer
    NL MVP – Fat Albert Pooholes

    AL CY – Felix Hernandez
    NL CY – Chris Carpenter (WHIP it)

  16. AL ROY – Porcello (homer)
    NL ROY – Hanson

    AL MVP – Mauer
    NL MVP – Winnie the Pujols

    AL CY – Greinke
    NY CY – Lincecum or Carpenter

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