Sad News for WWE Fans

25 10 2009

Legendary wrestling broadcaster, Jim Ross, is suffering from his third bout of Bell’s palsy and will be out of action for quite sometime.

Ross, 57, is in danger of suffering permanent eye damage and is detailing his struggles on his popular and sometimes very candid blog.

Meanwhile, Topps’ WWE release is live and on eBay. Along with a Jim Ross certified autograph, many of the big “hits” have made their way on to the auction site.

Boxes of 2009 Topps WWE are selling for around $55 dollars online.

Good Ol' JR




8 responses

25 10 2009

I have always been a wrestling fan and have enjoyed Good ol JR for quite some time. I am sorry to hear he is having further health problems and I hope he gets well soon.

I just can’t bring myself to spend the $55 to pick up a box of 2009 Topps WWE cards. I still watch wrestling from time to time and I love cards, but I never got into wrestling cards. Maybe if this set had on-card autos, I would pick up a box.

25 10 2009
Mario A.

Jacob, if I get a box to review you can have the entire contents … if you’d like.

This set looks a lot of fun. It’s a bummer about the stickers, I know.

25 10 2009

Wow, that is sad.

25 10 2009

Use to love watching WWE back in the day. Use to be some great entertainment. Goodluck to JR recovering.

25 10 2009

one of the better calls Ive ever heard JR did in that Undertaker vs. Mankind hell in a cell match..

25 10 2009

Wow, Mario that would be great. Thanks a lot.

25 10 2009

Billy Gunn and Dlo Brown in this product?

26 10 2009
Tim H

Jim Ross will be watching/listening his beloved Oklahoma Sooners no matter what happens. I hope he has a quick and healthy recovery soon as he will be missed on WWE programming.

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