Collectors Still Love George Bush

Well, at least his rare 1990 Topps card anyway …

In case you weren’t reading Wax Heaven in 2008, the most rare 1990 Topps card recently hit eBay and sold for an astounding $9,000 dollars.

Don’t go digging up your junk wax, odds are you don’t have this card and have never even seen it in person. It’s a special issue produced exclusively for the man responsible for “Jeb”.

It has long been rumored that about 50-100 of these cards were printed and perhaps a few made their way into packs of 1990 Topps. Unfortunately, neither rumor has been confirmed by Topps.

You can check out the auction HERE.

If you need a little more rare 1990 Topps, check out the birth of Refractor technology on baseball cards, which was tested by Topps in their 1990 traded sets.

Who knew there was so much treasure in Junk Wax?

What's with this lousy photo?



  1. Mario, my mothers aunt used to work for topps, these cards were produced for Bush and his family, and a few cabinet members, rare for 1990 with 100 copies, good luck finding in packs, all I can say is if you can get one buy it.

  2. funny I didnt even know about this card.
    if someone would have offered me $9 I would of passed, yet alone 9000… amazing.
    one of the presidents I cant stand but looks like a nice PC card either way

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