A Big Week In Store for Wax Heaven

What turned out to be a terribly long blackout from posting turned into a marathon this weekend. Unfortunately, the laptop I’m on is going back soon and my only hope is that my PC is back in my possession and working properly on Monday evening.

There are a lot of big things in store next week. I will be bustin’ and reviewing new Upper Deck products, along with 2009 Triple Threads and Topps Updates & Highlights. Those break will result in some pretty big giveaways on the social network, which by the way has over 120 members now.

Along with an expected exclusive story by one of the big companies, I will also be bustin’ a box of the legendary 1996 Upper Deck SPx baseball. This is one of U.D.’s greatest accomplishments in the trading card world and I am happy to be the first second to do a video box break of the product.

In case you missed it, the details on the Halloween contest for the four Manny Ramirez printing plates have been posted. It’s kind of an elaborate contest which I don’t expect too many entries but at least that gives those who do try out better odds at winning the complete printing plate rainbow.

Finally, thanks for the concern in my absence. It’s good to know my rants & raves on this site are appreciated by many. There will surely come a time when I am no longer able to continue writing but until then, you can continue to expect the most up to date, passionate blog about trading cards anywhere.

Thank you,

-Mario Alejandro

Upper Deck in its prime!



  1. Mario, I am requesting in advance, a chance to beg if you pull a Kerry Wood from your triple threads box break. Even though he was traded before the season for some reason Topps has him listed as a Cubs player and has his all star jersey in the product.

    I know you will give away everything in a contest of sorts, but I will do anything… dare me to do something for a shot at it!!

    This is all assuming you even pull one!

  2. Mario
    I hope you never stop wax heaven and cont.to write about this hobby we all love so much!
    P.S. I hope you get your halloween package soon?

  3. I can’t remember if I ever finished my 1996 SPx set. I’m hoping that I find my old folder of checklists when I unpack after the move. I’ve always wanted the Piazza auto from that year, but it’s way more than I’m willing to spend on a card.

  4. I guess I will call of the Coast Guard now. I was starting to put flyers up. Guess I don’t have to come down now and feed the rooster either. LOL!

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