The Passion of the Triple Threads

In case you missed it, 2009 Topps Triple Threads is now live and singles are all over eBay. For some reason, this is one product that has as many haters as it has fans. As someone who has a good number of Triple Threads from 2007, I can see why the negativity is there.

For starters, stickers on a high-end product is confusing. I love the fact that Topps Company worked extra hard to bring on-card autographs to Topps & Bowman Chrome, Allen & Ginter & Heritage but if I’m going to pay close to $200 dollars for a box with just a handful of cards, at least make the autographs on-card.

One thing I would love to see Topps do is move away from the bright & very loud stickers they use for baseball and move to the more subtle ones we saw in 2009 Topps Chrome Football and T-51 Murad Basketball. I’m to the point that I understand stickers are a necessity but in this case clear labels would have looked much better.

Another thing I don’t like is that despite the fact that my only Triple Threads cards are from 2007, the 2009 release looks almost identical, especially when it comes to the base cards. I really wish Topps would have spiced up the base cards and changed “look” of the product this year.

Aside from that, I think Triple Threads is one of the most fun breaks to watch. I almost busted a box in 2007 but the only card shop in my area was asking $280 dollars for one box. It’s the same shop that had 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot for close to $200 dollars.

Sometime next week I will break my first-ever box of Triple Threads, as Topps has sent out a sample box to review. To prevent any “shenanigans”, I will break the box on video like I have done for the recent Panini breaks. I’m hoping for a little “MOJO” but like every high-end product, there’s always a chance for a major disaster.

What do you guys think of 2009 Topps Triple Threads so far?

Topps Being Topps?



  1. yeah, the bright stickers worked on the Aroid-Aldrin card, but on stuff like this it can sure look misplaced. that yellowish brown background with a bright sticker is terrible.

  2. I like some of the card concepts, I saw the Howard Schmidt Utley 80 & 08 card, like that concept. But when you see a card spell Japan, Impaler, and some other crap makes me question is Topps just making things up to put out more cards in the product. The printing plates are common, just like the checklist. Topps for crying out loud, when you have a product you claim is high end, please, please make every card worth the cost of busting. I’m not asking for miracles, but if a autograph card could be Howard, Schmidt, Utley 80 & 08, the possiblities are endless.

  3. Ditch the foilboard, ditch the billions of parallels, ditch the stupid diecut swatch windows, ditch the foldouts, and add more hits, and it MAY just meet expectations.

  4. I don’t hate this product as much as some people and some of the diecuts make sense. Like the pictured Manny. A die cut to a statistical achievement is ok but most of the times they are just gimmicky.

    Delete the first one Mario

  5. i’m going for the singles – all the pack rips I’ve seen in video (including topps’ own rip party) make the product seem a bust for the price. I’m sure I can pick up nice singles for a fraction of the price of a box.

  6. That’s the thing about high end product, it’s usually a lot of fun to bust, but you are rarely going to get what you paid for. That’s why when I sent in my damaged Dwayne Wade mini I chose to have a box of Bowman Sterling sent back to me. I didn’t get anywhere near what the box sells for, but it was a fun break. Have fun busting the Triple Threads.

  7. I bought 2 boxes. My hits were so-so but I really like the base cards this year. Topps ditched the unattractive matte finish from 2007 and 2008 and returned to a semi-gloss finish. I’m toying with trying to assemble the base red set by buying lots on eBay. I pulled a nice auto of Clayton Kershaw and a beautiful 6-colored patch card of Carlos Marmol. The other 2 hits were a 1/1 of Matt Tolbert (I know – Matt Tobert) and a pedestrian jersey card of Chipper Jones. I think the 2009 design is much better than 2008 for the “hit” cards and slightly better than the beautiful ’07 cards. “Value” was less than hoped for. I could probably have bought all these cards on eBay for 1/2 of what I spent. I get the feeling that card companies are handling the economic downturn by reducing prices slightly and reducing value even more. I might be tempted to buy a few more boxes because of the improved design this year but I am concerned about the lack of value. I’d like to hear if others have had better hits than I had.

  8. I definitely wouldn’t bust any myself, but I’m definitely going after the Rickey cards. I’m a little disappointed that they used the same photo on the three different versions of his card, but there’s a “Man Of Steal” patch card that I just have to get my hands on!

  9. I ALMOST purchased a box of this which would have been my first ever. I own a few Triple Threads cards from 2007 and 2008 and absolutely love them. The sticker autos don’t bother me that much and sometimes actually fit the card in look. I get that with the mass amounts of cards that need signatures, it’s virtually impossible to have all the cards made and signed by the players on time. People wanted access to a lot of autos, well you’ve got to make concessions and understand that you will not always be 100% happy.

    In any event, I couldn’t bear to spend that much on a box of cards in which I didn’t know what was in it. So, I instead purchased a ’34 Goudey Hank Greenberg RC.

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