Rumors of my demise …

Guys, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. On Monday morning, my once top of the line Sony Vaio kicked the bucket for the second time in as many years.

I should have it back and running by next week and will do my best to update at least once this weekend.

Thanks for your patience.

Mario A.



  1. glad to hear H1N1 wasn’t the cause of your demise!

    I am surprised you don’t keep a 2nd generation laptop/pc around in case of emergency/death of your current PC/laptop. The only thing that would keep me offline would be an DSL outage.

  2. Great “cover up” story for what really happened…

    I had heard rumors that you were abducted by Jose & Ozzie Canseco and forced to be their love slave.

    I also heard that Beckett put out a hit on you, Gellman (Sportscards Uncensored) and VOTC and that you were hiding out with Elvis and TuPac in Vegas.

    Please confirm or deny.

  3. I was seriously concerned that Chris Olds had sat on your head and crushed you… or something to that extent.

  4. Robert,

    I actually had a laptop that was in frequent use around the time Donruss had an MLB license. Of course, it hadn’t been turned on in years and when I went to dig it out, it didn’t work.

    Today I have my sister’s laptop and will try to post two stories. I don’t know what will be of the weekend but I hope to be back by Monday. I am so pissed I missed the release of full info on 2010 Topps.

  5. Good luck with the PC, being in IT, I know what a pain in the butt they can be. If you find yourself with an old PC but no operating system you might want to try Ubuntu. I am using that on a second PC and it works great and doesn’t cost all the $$$ Windows Seven will.

  6. Alright, my computer won’t be ready anytime soon. The guy we took it to can’t fix it.

    Alright, hoping for a Tiger Woods auto pull this week!

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