2010 Topps Preview

Below is a gallery featuring new images of 2010 Topps Baseball, released earlier this week.

Topps has promised exclusive autographs, along with relics, sketch cards, cut signatures and inserts.

Each Hobby box promises one autograph or relic while Jumbo boxes offer one autograph and two relics.

2010 Topps Series One is expected in card shops on the week of January 18th.

You can check out the checklist HERE.



  1. Several other base card images were shown on Beckett, for which I noticed that a number of the released images of hitters focus on the moment directly before the point of impact between ball and bat. Interesting shots, yet several of them show the player from the back only, so you never see their faces.

  2. Eh. The base cards look pretty decent (Chrome should look sweet), but the game used & auto’s are as bland as my moms cooking.



  3. Every year about this time I get amped up to see what next years product lineup will look like. This year looks to hyped up. What is the insertion ratio, auto’s to relics. Are the manu patches #’ed. I like the base, but being is how Topps is now #1 with baseball, are they going to throw a collector a bone. UD inserted at least 2 relics per box for there flagship, is topps going to do the same. If history serves correct, I don’t want the odds of pulling something in 4500 packs. As far as the auto’s are concerned still have the stickers which means another year of bitching and moaning.

  4. This is what happens when you give an exclusive. Topps mails it in on the design, and the inserts and GUed have all taken a step back.

    This is the fugliest set of the decade, without a doubt.

  5. glad to see it looks like McCovey will have some cards in this release. 2009 was a very thin year, with the exception of the Heritage buy backs, the only releases are in Topps Update. It will be nice to have some new cards to chase for the PC.

  6. I like them. And I said it before, when it comes to manufactured patches or whatever, try to keep yourself from seeing it as a ripoff and not the real thing, and instead view it as nothing more than an insert. They’re damn cool as far as inserts go.

  7. I think this release is a perfect example of what is wrong with the hobby…i.e. manufacturers losing focus and trying to reach every segment of the collecting population with one product.

    This is supposed to be Topps base product for 2010….the simplest of the simple….the cheapest of the cheap. Yet even this product is suffed to the gills with relics and autos, to the point that if you look at the checklist there are actually more inserts in total than base cards.

    And the cost of producing and incuding all these relics and autos will undoubtedly neccessitate a much higher price point than a base product should have.

    Chances of this product being released at a price of less than 20 cents per card….zero.

  8. Well, at least with flagship you can count on a base factory set being released. Or you could buy it second hand on Ebay just as with anything else.

  9. I don’t mind the manufactured patches and think they’re kind of cool, in fact. While I did NOT care for the manu-patches in the ’08 UD Premier product…b/c at that price point I should be pulling the real deal, but these inserts bolster the per-box content IMO.

    I much prefer to pull, say, the Babe Ruth “R” /50 or the Hornsby “Y” /50 as I did last year than a single-color swatch of Jersey that makes postage stamp look enormous from products costing 3 times as much.
    ‘Nuff said.

  10. Mfw, that’s what they do with EVERY product. Stuff it with big “hits” for mojo hunters, and cram half the checklist with rookies. If they’d diversify their sets for different types of collectors, the products would be so much better…

    But I must say I REALLY like the base design…

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