The Wax Report – 2009 Topps Updates

By Mr. Scott


2009 Topps Updates & Highlights

Boxes: 1 Jumbo & 1 Hobby

Packs: Jumbo: 10, Hobby: 24

Cards: Jumbo: 44 per pack, Hobby: 10 per pack

Price: Jumbo: $82, Hobby: $51  per Box (Includes Shipping)


Box 1 Jumbo Box

Base Set: 327 of 330 99% Complete (101 duplicates)

Gold: 10 (#/2009)

Black: 1 (Ken Takahashi #38/58)

Printing Plate: 1 (Rich Hill # 1/1)

Career Best Auto: 1 (Heath Bell)

Letter Patch: 1 (Walter Johnson #41/50)

Event-Worn: 1 (Chad Billingsley)


Box 2 Hobby Box

Base Set:  260 of 330 78% Complete (No duplicates)

Gold: 12 (#/2009)

Black: 1 (Emilio Bonifacio #3/58)

Silk Collection: 1 (Alfredo Figaro #27/50)

Event-Worn: 1 (David Wright)


Set Break Down:

Base Set:  330 of 330 100% Complete


Overall Review: The pulls were there but the players were not. Had two difficult pulls come out of these boxes, the Silk & Printing Plate which was great but who really wants Hill or Figaro to be your hits? I guess the well runs dry sometimes.

Base cards feature decent photography, only problem I had was that some players were no longer with their teams. Brett Tomko was released by the Yankees on 7/21, he was playing for the A’s on 8/17 but they picture him in a Yankees uniform. Kevin Cash had 26 AB’s for Yankees and hasn’t been with them since the end of May. Brian Bruney who was with the Yankees all season was not included in any Topps product this year.

I think there are to many chiefs at Topps that don’t know much about picking the right players for their products. A Heath Bell autograph? What did they pay him to sign, a penny per auto? Come on, you can do better than that. Us collectors are shelling out major bucks, what are we really going to do with Bell auto? Another disappointment was that 17 of the cards were cut extremely bad (I think they need better quality control check out the Endy Chavez in the scan).

The inserts are pretty decent in this product, I really enjoy the Topps Chrome Refractors, Turkey Red & Propaganda cards. Also the variations are different. I mean, I pulled a Frank Robinson in an Angel’s uniform. If you’re a young collector today you would think he played for the Reds & Orioles his entire career, this spices things up a bit. So far this year I have opened 19 different products and this one falls somewhere in the middle of the pack.



  1. Wow…busted a Jumbo and couldnt complete the set. Either there is some bad collation or some real bad luck involved. I agree with the poor “hits” involved. I am still waiting for card companies to justify their box prices. I think current box prices should be close to 60% of even half of what they are going in the market right now.

  2. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong here, but Heath Bell lead the National League in saves, struck out more than 10 batters per 9 innings, and made the All-Star team in his first year as a closer. Granted, he’s not a super flashy autograph, but I would hardly call him a penny per signature player.

  3. Topps had a great design this year only to ruin it by using foil for the player names, thus making them almost impossible to read.

    NEW RULE – player names must always be in black or white ink so that they are easy to read…

  4. I remember pulling a Jon Garland (i think) out of Series 2 Baseball and thinking…

    Seriously, Angels uniform? Wait.. Angels Logo? Garland signed with the Diamondbacks as a freakin’ free agent.

    Now, he’s with the Dodgers…

    Oh boy.

  5. Tks for sharing Scott. No dups in the hobby box is one of the few bright dots i see there. The price has to drop and it will. $40 the most. We can buy the 2008 version today for $36 which is “reasonable” for low budget collectors and kids.

  6. I like the HOFers being included with the base set. They look good. Love Turkey Reds. Love Propaganda. Love those Legends cards. 2009 Topps Flagship has the best letter cards. Those are even some cool game-used cards. They should do something similar for non-All-Star ones. Use some sort of unique feature for each team to represent the jersey the way they did with the Arch. Gimmick or not, if those cards are here to stay, nice to see anything done unique with them.

  7. That Takahashi Black will go for a decent amount. First card for him. Japanese collectors can be crazy sometimes. Nice to see a Bell auto. As a Padre fan, that’s the 1st certified auto of him in a Pads uniform. The other one is from 03 in a Mets uniform.

  8. Yep, that’s the reason I stopped collecting Bruney. Any way to contact Mr. Scott, Mario? I’d like to know if any of the Yankees are for trade. Thanks, Drew

  9. I collect Indians Topps team sets. Right now I have every one from 1975-2009, and now I am working on the 52 set and working my way up. When putting the sets together I have often been really suprised, and disappointed, with the player selection. I always think it is going to get better, but it never does. I wish the market would allow a set that had each teams 25 man roster, plus top 5 prospects. Now THAT is a product I would buy every year.

  10. I always have a soft spot for U&H, as my first “hit” came courtesy of the 2006 edition. Since the All-Star game is one of my favourite events of the year, I’ll definitely be hoping for some more “event-worn” jersey cards.

  11. What happened to the rest of the cards in the hobby box? You should have gotten 360 total cards. 36 were lame Topps Town cards. Did you really get 49 combined Turkey Red and Ring of Honor cards?

  12. wow… this has been up for a day and there’s been no comments.
    I guess no one cares about Topps update.

  13. I hate that a manufactured patch can count as a hit… that is absolute rubbish to me! and by rubbish i mean BS!!! Regardless I lucked out and pulled a Pujols jersey as my other hit and after selling almost covered the entire cost of the box!

  14. Just a comment of the Bell auto. I wouldn’t be thrilled by pulling his auto either, but he did lead the league in saves and was an all-star. You can’t expect all the pulls from a set-builder box to be Sportscenter material anyways. And at least it wasn’t a 28-year old cup of coffee rookie.

  15. I received my hobby 36 pack box yesterday and opened up my first pack. I’m trying to figure out who the Yankee on the wrapper is. It’s obvious the Cobb, Tina Lincecum and Howard, but the Yankee doesn’t seem so obvious. Is it supposed to be a youthful looking Lou Gehrig?

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