Viva La Revolución?

One of my favorite cards from 2007 is the Topps Allen & Ginter Fidel Castro Cut Signature. From collectors down to those who had never picked up a baseball card, everyone was furious at Topps for “exploiting” those affected by Castro’s regime.

It didn’t take very long for the card to hit close to home. After all, I’m married to a woman whose own parents fled Cuba in the 70’s. When I showed my wife a scan of the card, even she thought it was pretty ingenious. Keep in mind that neither I, my wife, or her family are Castro sympathizers.

Unfortunately, the cut signature was purchased and destroyed to make a statement.

It’s been two years since anything that controversial has hit The Hobby and quite frankly I figured we’d never see anything like it again. That all changed when I found a Che Guevara DNA relic on eBay last night, produced by Upper Deck this year.

Unless you’re unfamiliar with Che, he’s the man who helped take over Cuba with Castro and is the face you see on every “rebellious” teenager’s shirt at some point in their life. There was even a Che movie released this year starring popular actor, Benicio Del Toro, which raked in an abysmal $1.7 million in its entire box office run.

The Upper Deck Che Guevara card has been sleeping with the fishes on eBay for quite some time. Although there are just two copies available, no one has even considered paying $1,575 for a card with a tiny piece of hair and no photograph of the subject anywhere in sight.

Perhaps the revolution really is dead …



  1. You know i’m like every other Cuban out there…. i hate Castro for all the wrong things he’s done to the Cuabn people and the island…. Batista had the best shot of taking out Castro and didn’t. He thought that sending Castro to Mexico would be best. Once in Mexico, Castro reunited with other Cuban exiles and founded the 26th of July Movement, named after the date of the failed attack on the Moncada Barracks. In Mexico Castro met El Che, who was the one who became an important force in shaping Castro’s evolving political beliefs. Dude i can go on forever…. I would love to own that card and keep it as it is!! they did a great job!

  2. How come no image of “Che” in this UD release? designers flop? no permits? rights? I have no idea but definitely would like to hear what’s going on.

  3. I agree with Rob. The statement made by destroying the Castro cut only adds to it’s appeal, and I would love to have it in my collection.

  4. They took a worthless ugly 1/1 cut auto and turned it into a masterpiece! That is in no way destroying a card, destroying a card would be ripping it into pieces and peeing on the remains

  5. I love Che Guevara! I want his Tee shirt so bad… guess I am a rebel. Anyways, I think his famous quotes were great and I hope to see Del Toro’s “Che” movie.

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