Upper Deck Still Loves the 80’s!

The other day while surfing through eBay I came across a truly unique item. It was a signed and hand-numbered 1989 Upper Deck Brady Anderson. Having heard all the hype from this year’s big name autographed buybacks of Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter, I laughed at the idea of someone trying to fake a buyback of a one-hit wonder like Anderson.

When I contacted Upper Deck to get the lowdown I was shocked to find out that the card truly is authentic and was part of an entire list of unannounced autograph buybacks included in the 2009 Upper Deck flagship. Below is the entire list with the print run which favors player collectors more than those looking to cash in.

One note Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin wanted me to pass along was that collectors should never buy a U.D. autographed buyback unless the seller also includes the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with the card and the hologram on the C.O.A. matches the one on the back of the autographed card.

Brady Anderson


2009 Upper Deck Autographed Buybacks (with print run)

Bert Blyleven – 3
Bobby Witt – 1
Brady Anderson – 1
Cecil Fielder – 2
Chris Gwynn – 1
Cory Snider – 1
Dante Bichette – 2
Dennis Eckersley – 1
Dwight Gooden – 1
Jeff Montgomery – 1
Jim Abbott – 1
John Kruk – 1
John Smoltz – 1
Lance Blankenship – 1
Matt Williams – 1
Pete Incaviglia – 1
Rafael Palmeiro – 1
Rob Dibble – 1
Roberto Alomar – 1
Terry Steinbach – 1
Tim Belcher – 1
Tim Raines – 1
Will Clark – 1



  1. That Will Clark will fetch some cash. There are a lot of Will the Thrill fans out there. The Smoltz is his rookie correct? That would be neat as well.

    I am a little uninformed when it comes to buybacks. Do you pull them in packs? If so, does the COA come in the pack as well? Or do you pull a redemption of some kind?

  2. it brings up the discussion of “what is a 1/1 really?”

    I believe a few off those guys do TTM. so the exact same card is signed the exact same way… except the fact that UD told them to add a serial #. does it make it that different? If one of us told a player to add a 1/1 to the auto would it be special?
    I dont think so.

  3. Yet another example of taking a historical product throw an auto on it and make it “rare” and boom hype. Yes this list is magnificent, but with the auto ratio of the players listed above, the only thing that makes this even worth a second look is it 89 UD card.

  4. If there were more copies of each card, this would be a fun little surprise.
    Too bad there’s no real chance of finding any of them.

  5. The COA comes in the pack. I pulled a Goudey buyback card (not autographed) and it was in a penny sleeve with a card stating it was a buyback.

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