The Wax Report – 2009 SP Authentic

by Mr. Scott

After many months of hard work as the only guest contributor at Wax Heaven, Mr. Scott, a lifelong Yankees fan has finally hit cardboard gold with a very special New York autograph.

Check out Mr. Scott’s review of 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic, a surprise candidate for best of 2009 Upper Deck, along with Goodwin Champions, UDx, and O-Pee-Chee.


2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic

Boxes: 2

Packs: 24

Cards: 5 per pack

Price: $94 per Box (Includes Shipping)


Box 1

Base: 86

By the Letter: 2 (Donald Veal #49/65 & Ken Griffey Jr. #10/24)

Signatures: 1 (Derek Jeter)


Box 2

Base: 86

By the Letter: 2 (Pablo Sandoval #18/28 & Jon Lester #06/30)

Future Watch Auto: 1 (Colby Rasmus #156/300)


Set Break Down:

Base Set: 100 of 100 100% (72 Dupes)

SP portion of Set: 17 of 70

Overall Review: This is an amazing product. The autograph checklist is one of the strongest of the year. In the boxes I busted I pulled some astonishing autographs. The first auto I pulled from box one was a Griffey Jr. letter patch. When I pulled that I was elated but 2 packs later I was blown out of the water when I pulled a Jeter auto. The autos in the 2nd box were just icing on the cake.

I find the patches in product to be far superior to the patches I pulled in Icons & Finest. There is a more crisp feel to them. The only disappointment with patches are that rookie patches spell out SP AUTHENTIC. I’d almost rather them spell out anything else.

With 2 boxes you get a complete set, plenty of serial numbered cards & my favorite insert (Non Auto/Game Used) of the year, Platinum Power. The base cards have very crisp look to them and photography is incredible. This product by far is my favorite of the year. At $90-$100 price range I think you get a fair deal.



  1. Are the regular autos on a sticker? Its hard to tell from the picture if its just the design of the card or a sticker.

  2. Wow – looks great! You inspired me to buy a box — just picked one up from Blowout for $83.95. I hope my luck is half as good as yours!

  3. They are sticker autos but they are done very well. Good luck Dave that where I got these boxes from.

  4. I like the product, but those boxes were absolutely insane. I must attest that after a few boxes, I’ve yet to get a box without a redeeming feature.

    The inserts really make this set. The stickers are terrifically done.

    The autograph letters really, really, really, bug me. The cards themselves look as good as they’ve ever looked, but dammit is it ever clear that they just ordered 4 different colours of letters.

    It’s great if your team’s logo is based on a primary colour, otherwise you’re screwed. They’re not even trying to make the letters look like they’ve come from a jersey anymore. This is taking collecting the alphabet to a whole new level.

  5. I always like letter cards, but the rest looks pretty meh to me. The borders are just really ugly on both base and inserts :/

  6. Quick question….whose uniform do the letters for the Veal, Sandoval, and Lester cards come from? The Veal and Sandoval cards feature the letter H, which does not appear in either of their names, and the Lester card feature the letter O, which only appears in his first name (which would not be on the back of his jersey).

  7. mfw13

    These cards are manufactured patches not really used on jerseys. The Letters for Veal & Sandoval spell out SP AUTHENTIC. The Leaster spells out JON LESTER & the Griffey spells out JUNIOR.

  8. With sticker autos and manufactured patches it looks like UD is shafting their baseball collectors again. 😦

  9. So if the patches aren’t from jerseys worn by the players, what’s so special about them? There’s certainly nothing scarce or exclusive about patches that are manufactured specifically for the purpose of turning them into trading cards.

  10. SPA has had letter patch autos for a looong time now.

    These however, are the WORST they’ve ever made. They really cheaped out on these this year. And why in the hell would ANYONE want the rookie autos to spell out SP Authentic ???

    These boxes are in NO way representative of what you are likely to pull.

    Mr. Scott beat some seriously long odds to pull Griffey or Jeter, let alone both from 1 box.

  11. The patches are just cool in an insert kind of way. Try to look at them not as relic rip offs, but kick ass inserts. After all, is a refractor anything game-used at all?

  12. WOW those boxes were great. I liked that they added legit inserts rather than the head to head and whatever other crap inserts there used to be. The die cuts are awesome, and the numbering on the faces of the game really picks them up a notch… that cole hamels out of 19??? wow!

    Pulling a Jeter auto is a serious dream of mine, if anyone can show me a more beautiful signature than Derek Jeter, drinks on me!

    Moving on to the manufactured patches… enough is enough… but I must say if you are going to continue to make them, they should be limited to the player’s LAST NAME ONLY. My Felix Pie with a C is lame

  13. By the letter has been around for a while now. They were manufactured patches then, and are going to be unlicensed manufactured patches next year.

    Do you realize how many real jerseys it would take to release a gizillion cases.

    It seems like U.D dropped the foil for this years release. The cards don’t look as good, but you dont have to worry about smudges either.

    Juniors auto has been thrown around like a whore in a biker bar this year. Jesus Christ junior at least wait until you retire before you water down your ink.

    Scott are there any R.C variations this year?


  14. I wonder if the manufactured patch are more expensive to make than regular autographs.

    Seems like Upper Deck removed all the actual game-used jerseys from SPA
    and replaced them with auto manufactured patches.

    I used to buy SP AUTHENTIC for the Chirography autographs.
    Some of the designs were very popular.

  15. I agree with Charlie about the manu patches looking worst than ever but to those who collect for more than the “hits”, this might be the best-looking non-retro product Upper Deck put out in 2009.

  16. Mario, those faces of the game are absolutely gorgeous. So simple, too. Take a great looking photograph, and put some baseball info on the bottom. Tada!

    Each of my three boxes yielded at least one decent card, so while Mr. Scott got incredibly freakin’ lucky, the product as a whole is pretty solid.

    Box 1: BTL: David Purcey, Phil Coke (ugh), SIG: Porcello
    Box 2: BTL: Daniel Murphy, David Price: Sig: Matt Tuisassasopsosoosapso
    Box 3: ;BTL: Rick Porcello, Alex Hinshaw: Sig: James McDonald

    While none of this are terrific boxes, all of them had at least one card that was like “okay cool”.

    The BTL are numbered really high, so you should be able to pick out the guys you want on ebay for a reasonable price as soon as a few weeks from now.

    Even if you’re not going to buy a box, a pack or two is well worth it. Most, if not all, have at least 1 insert that’s nice to look at.

  17. Charlie – I’ve been getting the urge to bust a box, and this looks like it could be one of the best products of the year. Relatively cheap price, 3 auto’s per box, nice designs. I figured that if I’m going to take my chances with anything, this would be it.

  18. Also, I think we all know Dave well enough to know he is not looking for ROI. He bought an entire case of Goudey for the love of collecting, not cause he was looking to get money back.

  19. Charlie – one of the best products in terms of ROI? I’d say yes. Given the price I paid ($83.95), my chances of getting cards that are worth what I paid for the box are higher than with most products this year. And even if I don’t get a huge hit, I like the base design, the inserts, and yes – I think the letterman design is better than it is in most other products with lettermen. Really, what other product in this price range can deliver as much value as SP Authentic. I paid almost as much for Allen & Ginter and got nothing.

    And Mario – Dave bought that case of Goudey because he was a f’ing idiot at the time! Seriously, that was the worst decision that I ever made as a collector. But at least I learn from my bad decisions.

  20. Dave – I know one person who is glad you bought that case 😀

    And yes, there are other products with bad letterman. My main point was that these are far and away, the worst letterman ever in SPA.

    Mario – Yes I posted the lowest $$ first, because those are what you are more than likely to pull. Look at the cards in your link. The Longoria is /5. The Johnson is /3. And the Wieters and Beckham will drop like rocks from those prices in short order.

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