11 thoughts on “2009 Certified Video Box Break

  1. johnlaf

    Those cards are sweet… the Romo is nice, but why is that considered prime jersey? Isn’t prime jersey usually a patch, number or laundry tag? It didn’t look like it had any of that… Overall the box is good… the first hit was nice, pulling a card numbered out of 10 with prime jersey and an auto is serious mojo… too bad that Panini isn’t manufacturing baseball cards because this would be a good high end

  2. zEphyr

    I like the clear message you are sending out with your handling of the dummy cards! 🙂

  3. johnlaf

    The Crabtree is pretty lame… the stub has to be from a preseason game that he didnt even play in… but I love Crab so I would still be excited if I had pulled it

  4. justin halbersma

    can you post a link to the break? My phone doesn’t recognize embedded videos. Thanks.

  5. jesse

    soap ringer?
    sounds like a prison name or something 😛

    product looks decent, If I was into FB Id prob. rather try for the product with the shadowbox.. but thats just me

  6. platypus

    Nice break mario! I would love if it if this stuff comes back to baseball. Do you guys think there’s any chance panini will get a baseball license?

  7. #193 is Sherrod Martin (who??)

    The Crabtree relic is obviously from the rookie premiere weekend, so it’s event ‘used’ (i.e. worn for 5 seconds and yanked off).

    I agree with the ‘prime’ jersey comments, by the way.

  8. Prime Jerseys also included the screen printed parts. The Dallas Cowboys stripes on the sleeves are screen printed. Mario just ended up with the solid blue parts. Bad luck as most of the screen printed stuff is multi-colored. You can tell by the shine when he turns it a certain way.

    johnlaf – that’s not a stub on the Crabtree. Its a stamp from stamps.com. It’s an insert set they have had the last 3 years. It’s still lame as anyone can print out the stamp, but oh well.

    The Fabric of the Game stuff is really nice this year. You did well on those. Congrats!

  9. johnlaf

    @voluntarheel… wow I didn’t realize that… that is definitely worse than a preseason ticket stub, a stamp that is homemade. Oh well at least there is a teeny swatch to go with it.

    I figured that the blue jersey on the Romo came from the stripes on their sleeve, but didn’t realize that would still be considered a prime jersey… oh well just like my 3rd hit today in my updates and highlights box was an unautographed manufactured patch… beats me!

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