2009 Certified Review

Since Panini America became a sponsor of Wax Heaven I have busted three products of theirs. 2009 Prestige, Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 2009, and 2009 Certified . Of those three, without a shadow of a doubt, 2009 Certified was the most-fun and rewarding.

Like Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 2009, this year’s Certified Football features an all-foil base card. To be completely honest, there are very few Panini products that don’t use foil but unlike Playoff Football, none of the cards I pulled featured chipped foil or were damaged.

Clearly, Panini worked extra hard on the design of the relics and autographs because unlike Prestige Basketball, these look wonderful. There is some tricky language, however, like “Event-Used” and once again the autographs are stickers but it really doesn’t take away much from the product.

As for the base cards, they are a little “busy” in the design department and for some bizarre reason all the helmets of the players are slightly cut-off at the top, with some being worse than others. As for the parallels, it’s just Rainbow foil, similar to Playoff FB with different color foil stamping on the fronts for the levels.

I really wish Panini could make baseball cards like they have done in football this year. It’s not often that you can find a box with a good amount of base cards & parallels, lots of flash, and four “hits” for well under $100 dollars. It just won’t happen, at least not anytime soon.


Current eBay price – $70-$75 per box

Guarantees – 50 cards plus 4 autographs or memorabilia cards on average

Look for – First Brett Favre Vikings autograph, Mark Sanchez Mania

The Good:

Foil on each card looks better than Playoff FB

Great autograph & relic card design

The Bad:

Base card photography clips helmets

Not enough variation in parallels


Relic – Michael Crabtree (featuring stamp) #’d 62/99

Relic – Tony Romo #’d 15/25

Redemption – Card #193

Relic / Autograph – Marques Colston #’d 10/10

Final Grade: A-



  1. love that romo card, and what they did with the NFL font. my only major complaint would be those stamp relics. not a fan at all

  2. this new and exciting? ahh no. Same old tired design. If you pulled one redemption in one box then they must be TONS of redemptions in this product, add that to sticker autos and you have to wonder. The cutting off of the heads is just an indicator that panini will cut corners.

    Cmon guys, this was one of playoffs most popular release, all you had to do was start with what they did right and go from there.

    thanks but no thanks


  3. I’m weird, I admit it. But I kinda do like the stamp relic, if only for it’s hilariously nonsensical qualities. I mean, the stamp takes up 2/3 of the card forcing the event-used swatch from a dude who almost held out the entire season (which somehow makes it even more awesome) to be almost ’05 Tools of the Trade swatch-level tiny and covering the players chest. And there’s that big stamps.com on the stamp that is almost dead-center of the card. Finally the stamp appears to be 28¢. I’m close to 60% certain the internet as we know it didn’t even exist the last time the full-priced stamps cost 28¢.


  4. Nothing on the fact that these cards look EXACTLY like 2008? There is nothing new, but there are a few improvements over last year. Best Panini product of the year so far, but considering how awful Absolute was, its not saying much. Im not going to race out and buy a box, but at least I can stand this one.

  5. those “souvenir stamps” cards are a total joke! they seriously used custom made stamps from stamps.com? what’s the point? there’s nothing limited about it, and i don’t see what it brings to the card.

  6. Gellman,

    This is the first time I’ve ever busted ANY of these products.

    If I review 2010 and it looks identical, you can bet it will be in the review.

  7. The base cards are so damn odd looking. The space at the bottom, and the clipped heads offset each other perfectly. It’s like they went out of their way to cut off heads so that they could put that useless chunk at the bottom

    I opened a pack yesterday, and received a McCoy relic redemption.

    Relic redemptions are bad. Autographs I sort of understand.

    With that said, every company does event used, it seems. Panini’s just taking it to the next level. Can you fault a company for doing event used better than the next? It’s not Panini’s fault that Upper Deck event used is 95% shit.

    If there was a card god, he’d take Panini’s tendency to put awesome relics with a great checklist and combine it with Upper Deck’s ability to put out sharp looking cards.

  8. I like the look of the rellic and relic auto.

    As to the stamp, they are real custom stamps. It doesn’t add value to the card, but I kind of like them. They are the same as in the past though. Why bother putting a relic on it if it is so small. I would look better without it.

  9. Cards look Excellent!
    Panini coming out with guns blazing!
    Would have been great to have pulled the Favre or Mark Sanchez!
    Could I have the Crabtree Rookie?
    A Nor Easter is forecast for the weekend perfect time to head to a weekend card show at the Mall.
    Go Phillies!!!!!!

  10. I guess I am one of the few people who like the stamp relics. The fabric of the game cards look great this year

  11. hmm… i just thought of a great idea. So I am going to use a torii hunter card as an example. You have a torii hunter card with a great photograph of him diving or with a bat in his hands that takes up the entire card. He is wearing a regular angels home jersey. Then they put a white jersey on top of the jersey in the picture, except that anything that isnt white is put over the jersey, then they can include a bat relic for the bat he’s holding. You could even do pants, shoes, hat, batting gloves, wrist band, home plate, dirt from
    Angel Stadium etc. That way it would look just like the regular card except that their are game used relics inserted, but it must be used properly so it looks the SAME as the players jersey, it cannot just be a white blob who the angels logo should be. I am feeling ingeniuos right now, let me know what you guys think

  12. I don’t collect football but this line in the review bothers me ->Not enough variation in parallels. Personally I think we already have way too many variations.

  13. There are many different numbered parallels but all that changes is the foil color.

    If they were gonna do parallels, it would have been nice if they used different technology.

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