Updates & Highlights Surprises

While it’s not exactly my cup of tea, 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights has been live for a few days and doing surprisingly well on the secondary market.

Topps’ Updates & Highlights is selling for about $50 dollars online and offers one game-used memorabilia or autograph per box on average.

The best single card sold on eBay so far has been a jersey patch of Albert Pujols. The 4-color relic sold for just under $250 dollars despite not being game-used. It clearly states that it’s an All-Star Workout Jersey.

Proving once again just how rabid Topps set builders are, one 24-card SP Variation set sold for a whopping $379 dollars. That’s 24 cards that lack game-used relics or certified autographs.

Some of the better autographs in ’09 Updates & Highlights include Gordon Beckham, Tommy Hanson, Matt Holliday, Vladimir Guerrero, Rick Porcello, and Andre Ethier. All are stickers, not on-card.

Take it in the Poojols



  1. The legends short prints are actually pretty cool, variation wise. To be honest, I think they’re actually my favourite part of Flagship. I think topps figured this out, and inserted them at a higher ratio in Series two..

    At some point, I’ll have to buy a box of this stuff but I’m currently spending my money on yellow by the letters of Yankees and Cardinals.

    Am I the only one that’s realized the colors of upper decks by the letter signatures a) look as cheap as they’ve ever looked b) don’t even come close to matching the team’s colors?

    Why have people been pulling “A” for Phil Coke…

    Do I really want to spend money to collect a bright yellow “YANKEE”

    My god…


    At least Baltimore’s orange and Toronto’s blue..

    my head..

  2. That Pujols patch is nice, but they had these in Series 1 & 2 as well, and they were actual game used patches of a wide variety of players. Much nicer imho.

  3. There’s actually a Rickey card in this set, as well as at least two short-printed relics, which definitely has me excited! He hasn’t had a new card since 2007!!

  4. Does anyone know if Topps will issue the update set in a factory set like they did in 2005 through 2007 or will collectors need to hand collate the set? I really like the factory sets just because of the box design.

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