Steve Martin’s Comedic Tragedy

There’s not much I share in common with veteran comic/actor and author, Steve Martin. What I can say is that for a good while, there was no one more talented and hilarious than Martin, who began working in the late 60’s.

Unfortunately, time can be rough on our favorites. I used to worship Marlon Brando until I began seeing the actor in his final days, morbidly obese and rambling to anyone who would listen.

I don’t know when the exact moment Steve Martin became “uncool” but it might coincide with 1999’s Bowfinger. Since then, he’s starred in movies with both Hilary Duff and Queen Latifah.

As for the card below, it comes from Inkworks’ Looney Tunes Back In Action set and once again reminds us why when it came to non-sports autographs, Inkworks was a truly amazing company.

The last two copies of this card sold for just over $30 dollars on eBay.

Past his prime ...



  1. He was in Shopgirl a few years ago, and the movie is based on a novella written by Martin himself. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s not necessarily a comedy, but still a great flick.

  2. Mario –

    Are you reading my post drafts somehow? I’ve got a long Steve Martin post 3/4 drafted and will have it up when I get back home. It’ll be the exact opposite of this post because Steve Martin still is cool, just in a different arena – playing music. I’m in Nashville and had the pleasure of seeing him in concert on Monday. The guy is brilliant.

    I don’t believe he’s ever been “uncool.” He’s just not been in front of the camera as much. He’s focused more on his music and writing in recent years, although he was also on a couple of episodes of 30 Rock a while back.

  3. I an with TC – I don’t get to see as many movies as I’d like and would yes I would stay away from the films mentioned. I have always thought of Steve Martin as being a man that was interested in doing a variety of things.

    My movie recommendation is the now almost 20 yr old “Grand Canyon”. Phungo post from last year

    I have read Shopgirl but not seen the movie – The novella is a very easy and enjoyable read.

  4. It’s crazy, a Steve Martin on card auto for $30. In the pool of celebrity on card autos you would think he would be a top tier guy.

    I like looking at Ms. Jolie as much as the next guy, but if there were justice in the world Steve Martins cards would sell for a lot more than hers.

    I kind of want to go out and get onoe of these cards now.

  5. His banjo/blue grass music is awesome. I don’t even like that kind of music typically but I love his stuff. I guess it doesn’t hurt that he gets better exposure than most, appearing on a lot of the morning and late night shows to perform.

  6. Yeah I guess all the greats kinda ease into comfortable areas instead of cutting edge.
    Same thing happened to Eddie Murphy.

    Steve Martin’s 1970’s albums hold up better than any comedian I know. He is just so friggin’ funny. Much better than Carlin, Cosby or Pryor’s (and they were all greats) albums from that era.

    At his height there wasn’t anyone better than Martin.

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