Inkworks Preserves Beauty

Admit it, at one point in your life you probably had a crush on Rose McGowan. Maybe it was all those steamy teen flicks or perhaps it was her appearance at the MTV Music Awards when she showed up wearing a string as a dress.

Today, McGowan, 36, is not as popular as she once was but seems to have gotten into the plastic surgery scene that’s popular in the TV show she appeared in, Nip/Tuck. Below are three photos from a recent event that McGowan attended.

Something is just not right …

If you want to see Rose in all her glory, check out the Inkworks on-card autograph of McGowan from the Charmed TV show release. There are currently no recent completed sales and just one copy available on eBay with an asking price of $200 dollars.




  1. tags: awful plastic surgery 😛

    made me LOL

    I do remember her in the old teen movies. dont remember any of the names (they all seem the same) but I think she was in the one with the Manson song..

  2. I used to think she was hot until it came out that she was dating Marilyn Manson. The thought of her being touched by him made me want to barf, and I’ve never looked at her the same way again.

  3. lets give Rose the benefit of the doubt. She could have a mild case of Bells Palsy. The photo on the card had the benefit of stage makeup and stage lighting. She also was looking over her left shoulder which helps to hide eye unevenness through spacial illusion. Her left side is obviously her strong side and the card takes advantage of that. It could also be the result of a fresh botox injection. It takes some time for the tissue to even out and relax. Who knows?

  4. Guess she’s picking up where ole Jacko left off when he kicked the bucket. Plastic surgery is ok if you have some abnormality that you want corrected, but this stuff is as addicting apparently as drugs or alcohol to some. I know Kenny Rogers and Joan Rivers come to mind. Too much bad can happen in these procedures to go in repeatedly.

  5. I really liked her allot… but yeah something is up with those pics. She looks very different….. not so good unfortunatley.

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