Covering All the Bases

It took me a few days but I have re-organized the Categories at Wax Heaven for over 2,500 posts. What that means is that you can now find articles on specific companies in the drop-down menu on the sidebar.

Below is a link to all the categories which will lead you to Wax Heaven stories related to those companies. In case anyone is curious, Topps leads the pack with 644 blogs while the newly-created Inkworks in last place with just 8.

If this is just too much information, click here to read a random post.


Panini America / Donruss

The Topps Company

Razor Collectibles

Upper Deck




Pacific Trading Cards

Fleer Trading Cards

Pinnacle Brands




  1. I don’t know how you do it. Writing things takes long enough, let alone tagging and organizing ’em.

    Just so you know, I’ve read this for about a year now and haven’t once used the “select category” dropdown.

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