The Worst Card of All-Time? Maybe.

To take some attention off the extremely heated debate found here, I thought I’d show what in my opinion just might be the worst baseball card ever produced.

I did lots of research and could only find out that this “Broder” issue was released in 1990. As you can see, Ken is holding up his 1989 Upper Deck rookie card.

I see two problems, though. The first is the size of the card. Unless Junior somehow shrunk to munchkin size, that card size is way off. There are jumbo versions of the ’89 Upper Deck but none came out in 1990.

The second problem is the photo itself. Does he look a bit young? I know Junior was only 20 during the 1990 season but that photo looks like something out of a high school year book.

My educated guess: Perhaps Upper Deck printed a larger version of the ’89 rookie for a publicity photo in 1990 and someone got a hold of the photo and printed their own card with it.

I contacted Upper Deck and was told they have never seen the card.

You can find it on Sportsbuy for two quarters.

What in the hell?



  1. that Griffey does suck, but I think the Yao Ming with the jersey completely blocking his face (that you showed on here a while back) is by far the worst

  2. Wow, worst card of all time is a pretty big title, but the card could be… That is awful looking! It looks like (like you said) a bad high school yearbook from the 70s. I thought it was someone from the Jackson 5 at first.

  3. Hehehe I have some different Griffey card that was a promo seller for supplies like penny sleeves and stuff.

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