Mike Tyson Breaks Down on Oprah

There hasn’t been a bigger attraction for the sport of boxing in the last 20 years than Mike Tyson. Becoming the youngest Heavyweight Champion, becoming a knockout machine, and being featured in a classic Nintendo game doesn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately, like most boxers, “Iron Mike” hung around way too long. Once the dedication and ferocity left, Mike turned into a big time punching bag for young, unknown fighters. The man who won 50 fights (44 by knockout), was himself knocked out in three of his last four fights.

Earlier this week, Mike Tyson went on the Oprah show. Not expecting much from the Queen of Fluff, I decided to tune out. Boy, did I miss something special. Mike made the interview memorable by discussing everything in his life from drug addiction and abuse, to the ear biting incident and the recent death of his daughter.

You can check out an emotional clip of Mike discussing his daughter HERE.

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6 thoughts on “Mike Tyson Breaks Down on Oprah

  1. One of the true great rags to riches to rags stories. What hurt Mike most was when opposing fighters realized he had no stamina. Get him into later rounds and he was human. Just meant you had to be able to dodge some of the fastest hands and deadliest power in history. I still think the Douglas fight in Japan was fixed. King had to get the belt out of Iron Mikes hands before he went to prison. A vacated belt due to incarceration would have tarnished what then was the king of sports.

  2. jamoke, I think everyone would agree with you on the Buster Douglas fight.

    I think Tyson’s stamina, was part of a bigger problem. There came a point where he just didn’t care enough to put in the training hours.

    Stamina is for fighters that want to win, and Mike never was that. Mike wanted to destroy.

    If Tyson actually had some kind of perspective, he could have dominated his later fights but he was a broken man.

    When you consider some depressed people have trouble getting out of bed, it doesn’t surprise me that Tyson wasn’t exactly all there when it came to stamina training.

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