EXCLUSIVE: New Mike Tyson Autographs

After watching the Oprah interview with Mike Tyson I felt compelled to get some new information on the upcoming 2010 Ringside Boxing: Round One.

Below is an exclusive first-look at two Mike Tyson on-card certified autographs that will be included in the product, set for release in March.

There is still not much information on Ringside Boxing but you can see many more photos and information on the first all-boxing set in more than a decade HERE.

4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: New Mike Tyson Autographs

  1. I find it interesting that the exclusive images show signatures with streaky ink. You’d think a company would use better copies for the promotional images.

    That said, those are pretty neat looking.

  2. I highly recommend the new Tyson documentary. He’s pretty honest about his career and life. Interesting stuff!

  3. would like to see topps/UD get into boxing. Topps especially. Their Co-signers boxing inserts were really impressive, not just in design, but in the type of talent they focused on.

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