Topps, This Is Just Wrong!

As a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson’s music, the day he stopped breathing and passed on will go down in my history as one of the strangest, most surreal moments of my life. Yes, he looked sick for years and six months prior to his death at 50, I did a quick story about him being near death.

Part of me believed it but another part of me believed that someone like the King of Pop would never die or age, at least not gracefully. Since his death three months ago, many old fans and new ones have come back to MJ’s side. Even card companies have jumped in as both Razor and Upper Deck have produced Michael Jackson cards.

I spoke with Topps officials this morning hoping to find out if they had any plans for trading cards of M.J in 2010 products, after all, they produced an entire Michael Jackson trading card set in the 80’s so anything is possible. I was told that at this time they had nothing planned.

After doing a little research, I discovered that Michael Jackson was featured in a Topps trading card back in 2007. Unfortunately, it was from a brand titled ‘Hollywood Zombies’ and is about as disturbing to a fan as a card could possible be.

I could not find much information about Hollywood Zombies, as all evidence has been purged from Topps’ official site but I did find out that these sets were only sold at select comic book shops and video stores. There was even supposed to be a comic book released by IDW Publishing.

For whatever reason, the comic was never released and Hollywood Zombies did not return in 2008. Looking at some samples on the Internet and through eBay, it’s a shame these cards did not catch on and they could have been as popular as Garbage Pail Kids were in the 80’s.

You can find an unopened box on eBay for around $20 dollars.

Not cool...



  1. Not that disturbing, really. Retroactively disturbing, maybe, but par for the course in 2007.

    The set seemed to have an intent of capitalizing on the Marvel Zombies series that debuted the previous year, which itself is yet another extension of the popularity of All Things Zombie that just doesn’t seem to be slowing down, between comics, video games, and movies.

    What hurt the card set the most seems to be its celebrity focus. Not that many people really want to buy a pack and feel that an undead Paris Hilton is a “mojo hit’.

  2. Ok, that card is completely awesome. I didn’t like that set when it came out (Paris Hilton?? blech) but that there is hilarious.

    Michael Jackson is our Elvis. We all had Thriller, we’d sneak a listen to Off the Wall occasionally wjhen our friends weren’t looking and we listened to that punk version of Smooth Criminal secretly wishing that the radio would play the original version once in a while. The man was completely bizarre but also a legend. One day soon a 21st century Mojo Nixon will be singing a song about Michael. Heck, maybe the 20th century version of Mojo will do it.

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