The First “Chrome” Autograph?

Take a look at the awesome Derek Jeter autograph you see below. It comes from 1997 Bowman’s Best and might be part of the first-ever “Chrome” autograph set in The Hobby.

As you know, Chrome technology was introduced in 1993 with Finest & 1994 with Bowman’s Best. While those sets grew in popularity, none had included autograph chase cards just yet. Topps, knowing that collectors wanted autographs, began inserting them into Bowman products in 1997, with Bowman & Bowman’s Best.

This card may very well be the first time Chrome cards were signed and inserted into packs. Along with Jeter, you can find Paul Molitor, Scott Rolen, and Vladimir Guerrero in the checklist. Sports Collectors Digest says the book value on the base Jeter is $100 dollars, while there is no price for the Refractor and Atomic Refractor versions.

The one you see below has a $381 dollar Buy It Now on eBay.

1997 Bowman's Best



  1. I find it amazing that Jeter has a ton of autos out there and yet most of them still command over $100.

    Its because autographs are no longer valued on the rarity of the signature itself, but more on the prestige of the item it is signed on.

  2. Not a Jeter Fan here but this is a beautiful card! Bowmans Best *g* and an on card Jeter Auto what was sick rare to pull any auto at all. Gievf!

  3. I have this one for sale now and have no idea how much is is worth…. its an certified autograph atomic refractor with blue ink signature.

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