SP Authentic Is Live & Sexy!

As a fan and collector of Upper Deck baseball products, it’s been a tough two years. I’ve been witness to disasters such as Documentary and the death of Masterpieces to brands like A Piece of History and SPx continuing in their steep decline.

Even hyped products like O-Pee-Chee and Goodwin Champions faced mixed reviews from collectors, while O-Pee-Chee caused a massive lawsuit. It’s been a tough year for Upper Deck which is why I am shocked that 2009 SP Authentic looks this damn impressive.

Clearly, Upper Deck was listening when we told them we were tired of every brand having an “X” in the background. Not only that, Upper Deck included 90’s favorite, die-cut elements and a series of Flashback cards which feature a photograph of a player with the 2009 design.

You can see a sample Flashback card of Jim Thome here.

Dave & Adam’s is currently selling 2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic for just under $100 dollars. For that price you are guaranteed 120 cards with three autographs on average. There are also ninety-three 1993 SP Authentic Derek Jeter autographed buybacks, which will likely sell for a thousand or more when they start popping up.

Dual Autograph



  1. looks great! might wait until my 08 SPA redeption gets here before I bust any of this, but it does look nice

  2. The base card design would look great if you take away the foil. Too bad they didn’t save it for an issue where people actually care about the base cards!

  3. I just can’t get excited for another product that is pushing fake letter patch autographs. It’s easily the most overdone gimmick in the hobby now and both companies continue to make the mistake.

  4. This is the best thing that I’ve seen out of Upper Deck this year. I’ll wait until I see some box breaks to see what this is like since it was the box value that killed both O-Pee-Chee and Goodwin for me.

  5. I forgot to note that I love the return of the “Platinum Power” die cuts. SP was awesome back in the day for foil rookies, holoview inserts and die-cut inserts.

  6. spacing on the ‘albert’ looks a bit scrunched up once it hits the curve

    would like to see a saltalamacchia base card

  7. IM willing to bet that the fake Jeter buybacks will show BEFORE the real ones!
    Hoo Ray for counterfiet buy back autos!

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