My Crowning Achievement

Looking back at two years of Wax Heaven, I felt like bringing something back from the archives. There are a lot of special posts which you can find in the Hall Of Fame section but there is one that didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another.

Back in the first few months of the site I wanted to create a memorable music parody. After going through dozens of songs, I went with ‘Where Have All The Cowboys Gone’ by one-hit wonder, Paula Cole. The song is incredibly catchy even to a guy who enjoys Hip-Hop and Hard Rock.

With my son sleeping in the next room, I convinced Tatiana to sing what would ultimately become ‘Where Have All The Donruss Gone’. There were problems everywhere, from having no microphone to lack of an instrumental but we made it through.

The video received a lot more positive reviews than I expected and just a few days later we attempted to record a new song, this time a parody of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’. The problem? My voice sounds absolutely horrible. A year later we tried again to Katy Perry’s ‘You’re So Gay’ and nothing.

Even if we are one-hit parody song wonders, it was well worth the effort. Perhaps someday in the near future we can reunite the singer and songwriter/producer for one more crack at song parody fame. I even have an autotune program for those hard to hit notes.

-Mario Alejandro



  1. seriously though, my favorite thing from the 2 years of WH would be all the times you stood up to the companies/scammers etc etc. it has really helped. hopefully there will be better card design, limited GU, and less pubic hair/cut cards in the future due to WH

  2. I always feel sorry for two-hit wonders whose other hit is forgotten. Cole’s also responsible for “I Don’t Want to Wait,” probably better known today as the theme from Dawson’s Creek. Technically she’s a three hit wonder, looking at her wiki, as she had a third top-40 hit.

  3. I would submit that Paula Cole was actually a two-hit wonder because you can never escape from “I Don’t Want To Wait”; it’s always on the radio.

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