These days, there’s nothing greater than pulling a Tiger Woods certified autograph. If that once in a lifetime pull comes from a mid-level priced product, it’s an even bigger accomplishment. When Wax Heaven reader, Larry, pulled his, he immediately went on eBay and sold the card.

He made well-over $2,300 in the sale.

Larry was even honest in the description when he told potential buyers that the card was slightly mis-cut. Two months later, that very same Tiger autograph returned to eBay, this time in a Beckett Grading Service slab. Unfortunately, the card graded a “6.5” due to the bad off-centering job and ultimately sold for $650 dollars less.

This goes to show that while there is lots of money to be made from collectors who get their cards graded, all it takes is one nasty grade to lose boatloads of money in the final selling price. When you think about the fact that grading costs from $9-$26 dollars per card, this collector paid to lower the value of his Tiger Woods autograph.

2009 Upper Deck Goudey