Cardboard Gold from Junk Wax

Call me crazy if you must but I love everything about Topps’ 1984 design. While it’s fair to say that it hasn’t aged incredibly well, it’s still one of the most unique and memorable releases in Topps’ history, in my opinion. Yes, 1983 had a similar design, it just didn’t work as well.

If by chance you completed the 1984 Topps 792-card set, you also had a chance to pick up the identical O-Pee-Chee release from that year which had close to 400 cards in the set. Now if you’re really a compulsive completist, there is also a 792-card set with the same design and photography released under the Nestle name.

These cards weren’t cards at all but uncut sheets. According to legend, some individuals bought most of the 4,000 produced sheets and cut them up to be sold as singles. Sports Collectors Digest lists the single cards with a higher book value with cards from sheet A (of six) being worth $60 a piece.

On eBay, a complete 1984 Nestle set just sold for under $80 dollars. Today, you can buy a full 1984 Topps set for under $10 dollars. If money is no option, there is also a 792-card set of Tiffany, which featured high-gloss finish on the front of each card. An ’84 Topps Tiffany graded Mattingly recently sold for $500 dollars.

Who says all 80’s releases are junk?

1984 Nestle



  1. ’83 Topps was the best base set design of the ’80s. Topps must’ve realized that because it basically issued more of the same in ’84. I like the ’84 design better than most, but it’s a knock-off of ’83 (which is a knock-off of ’63).

  2. I have always loved the ’84 Topps design. I think I favor it due to two of my favorite players as a kid having their RCs in this set. It may be cliched to say, but ’84 is just so wonderfully 80’s. I also really like the color combo on the back of the cards, something that is often overlooked.

    ’83 Topps may be a better design, but ’84 is tops in my book.

  3. Did Nolan smoke a bowl before he took that pic?

    Also ’84 was a great set but I still prefer ’83 to ’84. I guess I am sucker for those Super Veteran cards.

  4. I still have my nestle’s sheet, it is the one with all the good players on it. My mom must of saved up for months to get it for me.


  5. 80’s designs are better than the new stuff in general because they keep it SIMPLE. Though I have to disagree in that ’83 is far more elegant design….

  6. I’ve purchased a couple single uncut sheets of ’84 Topps off Ebay. I don’t recall either of them having the Mattingly or Ripken cards, so they ended up pretty cheap–about $10 each.

  7. One of my favorite 1984 sets is the Topps 5×7’s….same design as the regular cards but much bigger and therefore great for autographs. You can find boxes on Ebay for $5-10 each and are guaranteed a bunch of HOFers unless the box has been searched. Also love the 1988 Topps…

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