Most Annoying: Obama or W.B.C.?

In the age of the Internet, it’s rare to find collectors agreeing on anything. From the battle of stickers vs. on-card, to high-end vs. low-end, there are hundreds of different views being argued every single day on card-related forums and blogs.

One thing collectors as a whole have agreed on is that card companies have flooded the market with useless, unwanted World Baseball Classic and Obama trading cards. Topps even released an entire Obama set, while you can’t open a single Upper Deck product this year without pulling a card of the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

My choice for most annoying of 2009 goes to the constant World Baseball Classic cards being included in Topps products. It’s bad enough that we were being forced to believe that the games meant anything (they don’t) but when we get a bunch of no-name guys from packs of cards, it’s just a complete bummer.

Obama cards still sell surprisingly well on the secondary market, even though they’ve been done to death. These days, you will have to pull a low-numbered insert and/or rare parallel to cash in so expect many unwanted Obama cards in your collection.

Who gets your vote for most annoying of 2009?



  1. Both. Ok we get it Obama made history, but you know with the Noble, the Obama craze is going to continue, if the WBC is to make a return in 2010, make the cards just a little more exciting, the 09 versions lacked the appeal for any collector.

  2. WBC because of the volumn at which you get them. I would take 2 Obama cards verse 15 WBC cards in a box of Topps.

  3. I actually like the WBC cards. I kind of follow baseball in Asia and the WBC adds players to my collection I normally won’t have.

    On the hand, there are way too many Obama cards and none of them add anything new to the market.

  4. Nobama for sure! I can live with WBC because I would hope some of those players may someday try their hand at MLB, say Ardolis Chapman.

    Since you all are sick of WBC, I’ll take your chapmans at 1 cent per card (10 cents for a chrome or parallel).

  5. Both. The WBC is a waste of space in my $3-$5 packs, and I’m SOOOoooo sick of NoBama that I could puke. I get his historical significance, blah blah blah. He’s been f-ing this country up for almost a year, let it go already…

  6. Not just Obama but any political cards. Baseball is supposed to be an escape if I want political BS I’ll watch CNN.

    Actually I hate extras of all kinds in packs. I don’t want to see presidents, WBC, Legacy, or 20th anniversary cards. If I shell out money for a product I want that product and that is all.

  7. Well, I hope neither of them are in 2010 products (so I can catch up on all the WBC cards already available), but I think the WBC is awesome, and it is a big deal to other countries, so if I have to have either next year, I’ll take more WBC cards plz. Our horribly overhyped (but not horrible) prez has far more baseball cards than any non-baseball player ever needs.

  8. 20th Anniversary!

    Since that’s not an option, I have to go with the WBC cards. IT’s not helped out by the fact that most of them just aren’t nice looking cards. The only ones that I like are the redemptions from Topps series 1 and that’s because they look like Topps series 1.

    At the very least, I can give the Obama cards to my daughter because she gets a kick out of them, but I really haven’t pulled that many of them.

  9. I am a WBC card fan, but certainly understand anyone that ain’t interested.

    And Topps did issue a separate WBC set – it is only 55 cards so it is smaller than the Obama set I imagine. but yes there is a WBC set.

  10. Obama, although WBC cards are annoying as well. I didn’t mind Topps making that Obama set, since you didnt have to buy it if you didnt want to. But having his cards in their regular issue sets is just over kill!@

  11. Well, there is no WBC in 2010, so those should be gone in theory.

    The Obama craze should die off too, so I’m pretty sure we can expect an entirely brand new, non-baseball gimmick card in 2010.

  12. Definitely Obama, first of all the B in WBC does stand for Baseball… the B in Obama stands for… b.

    Second Obama is quite the most overhyped president in the history of the United States… his winning the Nobel Peace Prize for having a plan… which is the stated reason for him winning the prize speaks to this hype.

    Imagine if you will Tim Tebow being awarded the Heisman this morning because he wants to play in the football game tonight.

  13. Definitely WBC because Topps seems to be inserting them two per freakin pack in every product — it’s diluting the number of base cards, which sucks for set collectors.

    While plentiful, the Obama cards are slightly harder to get in regular baseball cards sets.

  14. It is simply a matter of saturation. You get more and different subjects on WBC cards, whereas Obama cards are of simply the man himself (and sometimes Honest Abe).

    Think of it this way, though… WBC cards show the international aspect of the sport – how it is a common ground for many cultures. Collecting itself is also an international Hobby. Fascination with heads of state is nothing new… Obama is basically the US’s biggest celebrity. There’s a market for Obama cards – both domestically and abroad. As long as there’s interest, they’ll keep making ’em.

  15. In general, WBC cards – and specifically, that dude in the card 2nd from the left.. He just looks like a big annoying doosh.

  16. WBC.

    Obama is a baseball fan with passion for his favorite team. That belongs in a baseball card set that features other non-baseball subjects.

    The designers of WBC have no regard for the sport. It has led to more injuries and down years in the Major Leagues than any other outside force.

  17. Obama by a mile.

    When is the first SP going to come out with him holding his fraudulent Nobel Peace prize?

  18. Obama. No doubt. Not only for all the reasons listed, but also because they are making cards of the guy who is going to be responsible for taxing these companies out of business.

    Real smart guys.

  19. really?

    WBC by far, because in Bowman, you’re not getting ripped off a greenie, or reddie, you’re getting screwed a prospect card.

    When I think of all of the random WBC refractors that could have been actual prospect refractors, I cry.

    At least with Obama, you’re not getting shorted. Unless you think getting a ridiculous Obama SP vs. a Jackie Robinson SP is a crime.

    At least you can sell all the Obama SP, and they’re normally worth more than the baseball SP.

    WBC cards are completely worthless. I attended a bunch of games (italy vs. venz. — ouch) and the Skydome was fuller than it was for most Jays games. The WBC clearly appeals to people… just not peopel. that collect cards.

  20. Topps should just issue a seperate set for WBC and see how bad the sales figures are just so they will get an idea how dumb WBC is. I like Obama, just not enough to want to see him in a BASEBALL card set.

  21. An Obama card featuring him with a smoke dangling from his mouth would be sweet. I hate the 20th Anniversary set almost as much as the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. Peace.

  22. The WBC cards don’t even belong in the same conversation with Obama.

    Obama is a scoundrel, and to make cards featuring his likeness is nothing more than a celebration of the snow job the media did on the American people to get this worthless scumbag elected.

    The WBC cards feature a bunch of players who will one day make the majors. If you’re smart and quick on the draw, you can make money on them if you sell them just as they make their debut and (hopefully) make a splash.

    I like the UD 20th Anniversary cards in theory, but the execution was poor. They made them so common and repetitive that they are worthless. With better photography, a lower insertion rate and a little more thought put into the set, it could be something like Yankee Stadium Legacy – a set that you can make a lot of money on, and a set that is added value to every box of product you bust.

  23. The WBC cards might not be so annoying if they had made cards of more than just the same 25-30 guys OVER and OVER. I mean there were like a doze WHOLE TEAMS involved in the competition, yet from Topps coverage, you’d think there were only maybe 4 countries involved. I’d rather see cards of anyone from the Dutch, Italian or South African teams than another card of the same 15 or so American or 6-7 Japanese players again.

  24. The WBC cards feature a bunch of players who will one day make the majors.

    You can try saying the same thing about Bowman “prospects” – and it still isn’t true.. It’s more appropriate to say “a few” or a “a small percentage” of the bunch will make the majors..

  25. I said what I meant. A bunch of them will one day make the majors. And when they do, you can make a profit off of these WBC cards. And I will.

    If you want to keep whining about it, go ahead and do it AFTER you’ve sent all your WBC cards off to someone free of charge. Put your money where your mouth is. Until then, you’re just whining over nothing.

  26. “Until then, you’re just whining over nothing.”

    This coming from the guy who earlier said:

    “Obama is a scoundrel, and to make cards featuring his likeness is nothing more than a celebration of the snow job the media did on the American people to get this worthless scumbag elected.”

    Pot. Calling. Kettle. Black.

    Anything Obama is good – because he is single handedly restoring America’s reputation throughout the democratic world and ensuring a more equitable American Society. Heck, he could do absolutely nothing for his term and he would still be a better president than any Republican since Abraham Lincoln.

  27. Obama cards don’t belong in a sports themed product – period. Even in election years. Save the politicians for the Americana type sets. So what if he’s a fan? There have been other presidents that OWNED teams. I bet president cards would’nt be so loved if they were cards of Reagan or Bush. Between the media hype and the fanatical hatred of the last administration, Obama could paint inverted pentagrams and swastikas on the outside of the White House and he’d be praised. Let’s keep the political preaching out of the sports collecting world. Next thing you know they’ll stop making cards of right fielders…

    Distribution and checklist aside, WBC cards are at least interesting inserts. I don’t bust a lot of boxes, but if they would do it right, these would be fine.

    “Heck, he could do absolutely nothing for his term and he would still be a better president than any Republican since Abraham Lincoln.” Yeah, OK….try not to drown in your Haterade…

  28. Alex’ Kool-Aid mustache would make Geraldo Rivera jealous.

    I’m fine with an Obama card. I’d even like to see Topps do an insert set every year with each of the presidents as well as maybe a few key events from the previous year in the current year’s Topps design. Number them to 100, which would make the insertion rates low and keep their value up. Thus, I could have a 2010 Reagan and Alex could salivate over a 2010 Obama #44/100.

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