Win A Kiss From Wax Heaven

While another site is holding contests all day long today, Wax Heaven has been giving away cards all week long and will continue to do so on the social network.

Less than a week since it opened, the social network created specifically for contests, is nearing 100 members. This time around you have a chance to win a Kiss Card from 2009 Tristar TNA Impact #’d to 25 copies.

The kiss comes from Jenna Morasca. Morasca gained 15 minutes of fame after winning 2002’s Survivor: The Amazon and then went on to pose for Playboy. She left TNA last month after her contract expired but you can check out her website HERE.

To be eligible for the Kiss Card (along with other relics & autographs), CLICK HERE.




  1. This just gave me an idea…I would like to see “boob imprint” cards. I can see it now, all the nerds looking at the card going, “I think I see a nipple!”.

    In all seriousness though, I’ll pass on this but great gesture, Mario.

  2. I like the boob card, but Im sure the pervs would take it one step further and want event used underwear. Scratch & sniff even…

  3. In Japan you can buy used underwear in vending machines, complete with a photo of the original owner.

  4. Why not? Sports cards and Oldsmobiles were my therapy after a particularly nasty break-up earlier this year. Entering this one makes sense for me.

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