More Topps “Propaganda”

This morning, Topps Company gave collectors a full sneak peek into the Chris Speakman Propoganda-style inserts from the upcoming 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights.

Topps’ Online Store is selling limited-edition screen prints numbered to 200. Along with being able buy the prints, you can actually get a preview of the cards as 29 have been listed on their site.

The artwork measures 17″ x 21″ and is printed on high-quality, 100% acid-free archival paper. Each print is $60 dollars and is signed and numbered by Speakman.

You can check out the full gallery HERE.

Joe "The Thief" Mauer

13 thoughts on “More Topps “Propaganda”

  1. And speaking of artwork, Mario, have you ever featured Monty Sheldon’s “artballs” on your site? If not, you definitely should. The artwork he creates on baseballs is just amazing!

    Topps should consider inserting redemptions for his artballs in one of their products. I’d definitely prefer that over any autograph or game-used card. Here’s a look at some of my favourites:

  2. I can’t wait to get the cards and I know that I’ll probably end up getting some of his Red Sox prints once I’m moved with this gift card that’s burning a hole in my pocket.

  3. Keep in mind, I don’t understand the fascination with illustrated/painted cards and I find most of them uninteresting/plain awful:


  4. That Mauer card is gorgeous, then I click on the link and…

    -It’s the same three designs repeated over and over, and the “serve” one is… no, just, no.

    -What is with that checklist? Why are non-playoff (or non-near ones) teams included? And not one Yankee?

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