Let’s Play Guess The eBay Price!

Take a look at the 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection dual relic below. It features two future Hall of Famers, plain swatches, and is serial numbered to 25. While the card’s design is pretty neat, it’s not exactly rare and both players have lots of other memorabilia cards, especially “The Kid”.

I did a quick search through eBay’s Completed Auctions and found that the most recent relic of Johnson sold for $2.35 while Griffey Jr.’s most recent sold for $5.50. Given those two prices, how much do you think this 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection dual relic sold for?

A. No bids

B. $10

C. $25

D. $518.88

Ready for the answer? CLICK HERE!

What in the hell...?

44 thoughts on “Let’s Play Guess The eBay Price!

  1. shill bidded? no way a relic like that with 25 copies (and not just 1) should go for that much.

  2. Shill bidding at it’s finest. Probably had a buddy who “bumped it up a bit” for him.

  3. Wow, I should take my Albert Pujols/Ozzie Smith dual memorabilia /25 and give it a buy it now or best offer price of $500 and see what happens!

  4. My God.

    I can only imagine what that would’ve went for if Upper Deck would have done the right thing and stuck a Mariners logo beside Randy Johnson’s blue piece of jersey.

    How does that make any sense, at all? He’s wearing a Mariners cap, it’s a mariners piece of jersey, but let’s stick his current team’s logo in there.


  5. Did any of you actually look at the listing? There were 2 people bidding that high. The 2nd highest bidder was at $508.

    There is also a Griffey/Ozzie dual bat /25 that is already over $85.

  6. One more bit of proof that if you break wax, get your cards up early to take advantage of generous bidders!

  7. I think there is some foul play going on. If you look at the bid history on the item, the winner has s***i(2318) has bid on 52% of his auctions with this seller. A person with such a high feedback score bidding on over 50% of his auctions with the same seller leads me to think the buyer and seller are the same person (Or friends), trying to pump the price of their auction.

  8. We also have to take into consideration that Griffey has a ton of followers including lots of super collectors, and that this might be one of the final Upper Deck Griffey cards made.

  9. He has 52% bid activity because he bid on this item 8 times.

    He also padded his high bid 5 times to make SURE he won it. A shill would not do that. The whole point of shilling is to let the other bidder win at a higher price.

    He also has 0 bid retractions, which shillers usually have several of.

    Why don’t we just wait to see if feedback is left?

  10. The fact that he only has bid on such a low number of items and bid on this item 8 times, coupled with the fact that he has such a high feedback score means that he is most likely mainly a seller of ebay products. My guess is he is either the same person as the seller of this particular auction, just with another ebay account, or a friend of the sellers. A shill bidder can leave feedback for himself/a friend, without money ever changing hands. If he is a shill bidder, the only thing the seller loses out on is the ebay fees, all he’s trying to do is either drive up the price to set precedent transactions, or he made a mistake bidding this high thinking that real bidders would bid higher.

  11. Hey All,
    Its been awhile….anyway, this card was pulled from a box break at the shop I visit. I am sure that this sale is 100% legit. I know the seller personally and trust me he’s a good guy. This guy buys about $2,000 of wax a week and he immediately lists all the hits. Like myself he is a seller, not a collector. I will see him Friday and I find out where the buyer is from and what the big deal is with this card. Personally I would have thrown it into a $20 lot with the other junk that comes out of Ballpark….but who knew.

    Later Gang,
    Submarine Shane – Man on the Street- Retired

  12. @ box opener

    If he was shilling it himself, why not let the other bidder win it for $508?

    Once it was already up that high, it would be monumentally stupid to keep padding the high bid.

  13. This has a funny feel to it. Someday if I hear that some mob people are laundering money through ebay, I am going to think about auctions like this. Wow.

  14. Kris – Right there with you, brother. I’m thinking it must be some kind of MLB license / contractual obligation. I love the Giants, but not their logo on a card where the whole point is its “Mariners-ness”. WTF? It just screws up the whole design. I hatehatehatehatehate mismatches between photo / logo / relic on a card. I understand players change teams like underwear these days, but at least keep it together, right?

    Newspaperman – I agree with you in part. I think this could be one of the last UD Griffey cards while he is an active player. However, I think that UD will find a way to make Griffey cards for the rest of human history if there’s still money in it. Just wait till Junior hits the Hall in five to six years…

  15. @Charlie

    Could have been a mistake and/or greed. If it was a shill bidder he probably thought he could get more out of the “real” bidder so he bid higher thinking that if I guy is willing to pay $508, he’d be willing to pay more. Either way, I’m all for the market setting the price on items in auctions, but this is absurdly high, and thus I suspect foul play or a very irrational buyer, the former is much more likely in my book.

  16. @Box Opener

    Your imaginitive explanations do not make any sense whatsoever.. This was not the same person or a friend – what’s so hard to understand about that? Some guy is gonna spend like $25 in ebay fees to “set a precedent”, when he could have just let the other guy take it at $508? What the hell would the reasoning be to drive the price up again and then pad it? Cuz umm, he really wanted the card.. Are you not realizing that a) this is a new release – b) Griffey Jr has some of the most, if not the most die hard collectors – c) also has Johnson who just won 300 games this year, who may very well be the last player to do that – d) the 1st specimens of a hot card that hit ebay ALWAYS sell for way more than what it’s really worth

  17. @Ricky

    These quad relics are from 2009 Ballpark collection, and all have Griffey, all with lower prices, but are substantially better cards:

    $109.95: Crosby/Griffey/Lebron/Jeter




    If the winner of the auction is really willing to pay over $500 for a Johnson/Griffey game used card, than great, it’s his money he’s wasting, he has a right to do that. For about $10 he could have gotten these two cards instead:



  18. Jeez… $9.99 starting bid. Looking like this is legit, so that seller must be stunned. I know when I list stuff for $9.99 I am expecting to top out at about $40 max usually.

    Nice bonus there.

  19. @Ricky…it usually fairly easy to figure out someone’s max bid on e-bay when you’re bidding (basically anytime you bid the min increase and your opponents increases by the full bid increment you know that his max bid is higher…when the increment is $1 and it only goes up 54 cents, you know what his max is). It’s fairly easy to do, which is why a whole bunch of shilling occurs on ebay.

  20. Wow. I guessed zero bids. I thought it was going to be one of those cards that slipped through unnoticed.

    I’ve seen some great card auctions that ended with no bids that made me kick myself when I found them afterward.

    I never would have guessed the $518 choice.

    Personally I wouldn’t have bid over $15 on that card.

  21. The person you guys are accusing of shill bidding WON THE AUCTION!!

    He also padded his high bid 5 TIMES to make sure he won the card.

    That is not how you shill someone’s bid. If it was a shill, he would have let the other bidder win it for $508. Why is this so hard to figure out?

  22. Charlie

    Unless you have absolute proof, and I mean absolute never defend a situation that has no personal connection to you. This only hurts your integrity. When it comes down to it who gives a shit anyhow.


  23. Oh no. You just made me search Ken Griffey Jr. on eBay. If I buy anything I can’t afford I’ll blame you.

  24. Unless you have absolute proof, and I mean absolute never defend a situation that has no personal connection to you. This only hurts your integrity.

    Wow when did this become so serious, is he under oath or something? And since when does using common sense hurt one’s integrity?

  25. I just pulled the Griffey/Ozzie Smith of this #’ed to 25.

    Theres on on ebay up to $86 with a day left.

    Griffey collectors want these Mariner cards of Griffey

  26. Ricky

    I take this seriously.

    Yeah I may not be Gellman, and I say that with the out most respect for what he has attempted to do as far as spotting fake shit goes, but do you honestly think that piece of crap sold for over 500.00.

    As far as the integrity part goes well I guess I did take that overboard.


  27. The guy who won it must be a hardcore fan of one of them. His first bid was $185 and he went all the way up to $518. Wow.

  28. but do you honestly think that piece of crap sold for over 500.00.

    I find it odd, but I don’t find it unbelievable.. What would the reasoning be for 2 bidders going back and forth for 3 days, with the winner padding his winning bid FIVE times to make sure he won it? Both bidders also had alot of feedback.. There are crazy diehard Griffey fans that will go overboard, and those fans are most likely also fans of Johnson who just happened to win his 300th game this year.. And 1 of them wanted this specific card now and had the money to afford it.. I don’t really see any other explanation.. The Griffey/Smith relic is $100 with a day left, but this card would be much more special to a diehard 90s Mariners fan..

  29. Remember that some people are rich. If a rich person happens to be a diehard fan/collector of something in particular, well then there’s your anomaly. Someone worth a few million will part with this card for $500 as easily as Joe Collector might for $25. Furthermore, I guess there were two of them anomalies, which compounds the issue of whether it’s legit or not. Although, it’s not like this card featured some iffy or mediocre players. It is Griffey and Randy, and there are easily more than a few rich collectors for those players.

    What I think would be funny is if it was one guy solely out for the Griffey vs. some guy solely out for the Johnson, hehe.

  30. Sorry… meant the millionaire would part with his money for the card, not vice versa 🙂

  31. Just for shits and giggles I sent the seller a message, telling him how it was being discussed on a blog, and whether or not it was a legitimate sale… His response was that it was paid for within 24 hrs…

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