Brett Favre’s First Vikings Autograph

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the sports world has fallen for Brett Favre all over again. Last month, Topps, Upper Deck, and Panini all rushed out to produce and release the first Brett Favre trading card in his new uniform. Ultimately, Panini’s card was released first and sold for insane amounts of money despite having no relic or autograph on it.

Now it’s time for Brett Favre’s first certified autograph and once again it looks like Panini might win the Favre Wars with their Donruss Certified brand, set to hit stores in less than two weeks. Each box of Donruss Certified promises four memorabilia cards or autographs, along with four inserts and parallels.

You can check out a preview of 2009 Donruss Certified HERE.

Panini Certified 2009

7 thoughts on “Brett Favre’s First Vikings Autograph

  1. i always enjoy lcm. i’ve pulled great stuff from them in the past. i really wish they would make some more relics/autos of players from the dolphins perfect season team.

  2. No, Panini gets it — they have a million Favre Playoff stickers (look at the wording imprinted on the background) and they have to use them ASAP otherwise they’ll be sticking those things to his 2014 cards as well.

    I’m in complete agreement with Unclemoe here — a sticker auto stuck to a card of a player pictured in his new uniform doesn’t really seem fair. He’ll I’m surprised they have not started a “What If” auto predictor insert set and started photoshopping Favre into the jerseys of the other teams and then slapping stickers on them, too. Can you imagine an image of Favre doing a touchdown signal while wearing a Lions jersey and his auto sticker pasted across the front? That’s comedy.

  3. Ill admit, the card looks better than I thought it would be, but its a cop out to say that this card is the first Vikings auto. They can slap a sticker on anything, so newspaperman is right.

    Plus, this card will have like what, 5 copies? Could go for hundreds at this point.

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