What Have They Done To Ted Williams?

In perhaps the worst sports story of 2009, gruesome reports from an upcoming tell-all book regarding Ted Williams’ remains have begun to leak. The book, titled ‘Frozen’, was written by a former Alcor executive who witnessed employees abuse and further damaging the severed head of the “Splendid Splinter”.

You can read the horrific report HERE.

If you’d like to remember Williams in a more positive light, check out this exclusive photo of Ted signing his 1992 Upper Deck chase cards. Yes, back in the day companies actually had the players sign cards not sheets of stickers. The Upper Deck card, hand numbered to a whopping 2,500 is currently on eBay.

One has to wonder just how many are still hiding in packs waiting to be found.

Ted Williams


  1. A whole book on why not to pay to have your body frozen. Always seemed like a scam to get rich off of the dieing rich anyway.

    Sad, just sad.

  2. I suddenly had this image of a bunch of mid 20s geeks who studied too much with no respect for the game taking pics with Teddy Ballgame. Lifetime sentence to work for free in a cemetary for these people

  3. There are pictures of Ted that someone attempted to sell to a tabloid a few years ago.

    Sooner or later, they will be leaked somehow.

  4. Fuckin disgusting. Who the fuck thinks it OK — or even funny – to take a money wrench and imitate Ted Williams while taking swings at his frozen severed head.

    And while Teddy Ballgame has been dead for nearly a decade, I still find it weird to think that somewhere in this country is the head of Ted Williams. Period. That whole: “I want my body frozen after death because Austin powers did it and came back to life” is odd as hell. Yeah, baby.

  5. I was going to complement the header also, nice!

    Anyways, that is just sick! His kids shouldn’t of even had him frozen in the first place.

  6. I don’t understand how his head is supposed to be suspended in liquid nitrogen but somehow people are teeing off bumble bee tuna cans off him. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, some crazy shit like this comes along. Let’s just hope the card companies draw the line at hair samples for their DNA cards!

  7. What a sickening story.. As shady of a business I’m sure cryogenic storage is, these scabs should serve some jail time.. Ted’s son seems like a friggin wacko himself tho, actually buying into something like this.. The science-fiction type stuff is interesting, but let’s be serious here, it’s still FICTION and should not be legitimately looked at as something realistic, putting tons of cash and your father’s corpse at stake.. Get a grip man.

  8. Just sad how this great man has been abused by his own son and then by some jerks in a lab with no respect. His head wasn’t even supposed to have been removed in the first place on top of he was tricked into this bull$#*%!

  9. It’s the most disgusting vile thing I read on Ted Williams remains. I remember hearing reports of the tank where his head been kept been cracked several times but the book provided details even photographs of what went on. It also proves how much a piece of garbage John Henry Williams for going this cryogenics route. I didn’t believe the change of Williams’ will was legit and the report said it look fake. Bobby-Jo (Ted’s daughter) husband hammered him hard on a radio when he heard about the treatment of Ted. Wish his original will was honored as in being cremated and scattered at sea. Even JH is dead he should been dropped inside a volcano where belongs, in depths of hell. It’s a sad ending saga of one greatest players to play the game.


  11. It’s a shame and Ted’s son, who battled the rest of the family for the right to have Ted frozen, should be ashamed of what he’s allowed happen to his father.

  12. This is a situation that should be investigated and prosecuted under federal or state law (abuse of a corpse).

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