Help A Collector and Win A Sterling Lot

Rian Fike has always had the talent to create art. Being a lifelong hockey fan living in South Florida during the Panthers’ best years, Rian loved Upper Deck’s challenge of drawing your own card for an upcoming hockey release.

When Rian submitted his artwork to Upper Deck, he’d never imagined being selected among the winners. As it turns out, Upper Deck loved his piece and threw it into their 1999-’00 M.V.P release as a short print. Along with winning the contest, they also sent him 60 copies of the card for his personal collection.

Well, it’s been a decade and Rian is now a Miami-Dade school teacher and avid comic book fan/collector. That huge lot of his card Upper Deck sent is all gone, thanks to being way too generous and handing them out to friends and family all over the world. Rian is dying to get his hands on a card and Wax Heaven is going to try to help.

If you can find at least five copies of the card from any resource, you can pick a total of 5 cards from my recent Bowman Sterling break. Before writing this blog, Rian was able to find two copies on Sportsbuy for less than two quarters so as you can see, it’s not the price that’s holding him back.

I sent Upper Deck a message asking if they knew the print run. They have yet to make a comment. What we do know is that the ‘You Draw the Card’ inserts were seeded just once in every 144 packs of M.V.P. Hockey.  It’s a pretty tough pull, even by today’s standards.

You can check out Rian’s Marvel Superstars Trading Cards blog HERE.



  1. I just read the interesting story on the back of the card and my brain melted. At the time (1999-2000), Rian was in the “15 and up age group”…yet he became interested in hockey in 1971. Am I reading that incorrectly?

  2. A tough contest, but a very nice reward. Unfortunately for me, I have never so much as opened a pack of hockey cards. Best of luck to Rian, very generous giveaway of you Mario!

  3. Beckett Marketplace has 16 copies available from .25 to $1… not sure if he just wants to get them all himself and cut out the middle man, but by the looks of the previous comments I am too late… but I will gladly take the Stephen Mcgee off of your hands… Pretty Please!

  4. Oh – I gotcha Rian. I didn’t factor in the “and up” part. I was trying to make you to be age 15 in the 1999-2000. Either way, way cool accomplishment and it is great you were able to locate more of the cards!

  5. So he can take the relics and autos? wow I should have gotten in on this, but I misread and thought you got 5 regular base bowman cards and im just like… whatever

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