The Wax Report – Ticket To Stardom

It’s been barely one week and already Topps’ Ticket To Stardom is getting bashed by collectors. Mr. Scott of The Wax Report busted two Hobby boxes to show readers of Wax Heaven just what to expect.


2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom

Boxes: 2

Packs: 20

Cards: 12 per pack

Price: $84 per Box (Includes Shipping)


Box 1

Blue Variation: 2 (#/99)

Gold Variation: 2 (#/50)

High # SP: 1 (Kenshin Kawakami #062/199)

Relic / Auto: 1 (Michael Bowden #054/489)

Jersey / Stub: 1 (Alfonso Soriano #23/79)

Dual Jersey Stub: 1 (David Wright #006/239)


Box 2

Ticket to Stardom Gold: 1 (Joey Votto #03/50)

Blue Variation: 3 (#/99)

Relic / Auto: 1 (Johnny Cueto #076/489)

Bat / Stub: 1 (Yulieski Gourriel #070/110)

Dual Bat Stub: 1  (Chin-Ling Hu #31/77)


Set Break Down:

Base Set: 200 of 200 100% (198 Dupes 2 short of 2nd full set )


Overall Review:

Great idea, extremely bad execution. In Topps 52′ 2006 (Ticket to Stardom) & 2007 (Diamond Debut) inserts created something I was longing for, a ticket inserted in to cards. These inserts were great and best of all the card matched the ticket. In this release the tickets are extremely small & don’t match the description on the back. The Yulieski Gourriel ticket is from March 16th but on the back they discuss a March 12th game. The ticket they attached to Soriano is a game in which he struck out 3 times.

Topps should be ashamed of themselves. The tickets should have been from a game the player accomplished something. On the back of the Cueto card its states the relic is game worn. I don’t know how anyone wears a bat. Also to keep ranting, a few of the inserts had foil missing. The die-cuts and the color variation are not drastic enough (see the 3 Verlander in pic left to right Die Cut, Gold, Base). Over $80 for this product is bull crap, this is a $25 product, it reminds me of Topps Opening Day brand from 2006 with its base & variation. Only good thing is you can almost complete a set with 1 box.

Thanks but no thanks Topps I just wasted $168.


24 thoughts on “The Wax Report – Ticket To Stardom

  1. Why the hell did Topps include a Dodger Home ticket (even if they were playing the Cubs) in that card? That is some stupid shit. You’d think they’d find a good Cubs ticket to put in that Soriano card.

    The auto relics do pretty cool though … I’m just not shelling out $80 for a box to get one.

  2. Better than UD’s Piece of History, but that’s not saying much. It would’ve been much better with bigger ticket stubs or ones that were better chosen. I got a WBC one and the only reason I know its from the WBC is because of the date, no WBC logo or anything.

    The tickets do encourage collectors to look up particular game stats in order to see how the particular player fared. That’s always a plus in my opinion.

  3. Not bad, sort of like it, but not spending my money on it. I’ll certainly want the Yanks and the Swishers and Canos but after that I may be done with the product. The base are nice and some nice inserts as well make this better than you guys say it is, at least that’s my opinion.

  4. bomb, baby bomb! I love the base card design and want a fun bust of a box to build a set, but I”m not paying $80-90 for it. $40 maybe.

    gut feeling tells me no seller is going to take a huge loss on a box, so I may have to get a hand collated set from the auction site eventually.

  5. For the second time in the last 72 hours… are you kidding me?!!!
    Wait a few months and BO will have boxes of this stuff at $55. I’ll just stay away no matter the price.

  6. I think the auto relics are WAY to busy…the unsettling part for me is the blue box around the “relic” piece is off set a bit and doesn’t look right. I don’t get the dual relic cards…two of the exact same pieces of material which just clutters up the cards. If you’re going to “f” up the front of the card that bad, just put a larger swatch on it in the first place–or use two different items. I’d much rather see them do the stub cards as a box topper, maybe 3″X5″ or whatever the standard is…use the whole stub and a full picture of the players. Put your dumb sticker autos on some of them if you want, but stop putting so much on the card–it looks like crap.

  7. I find the whole idea of putting tickets into cards really lame and boring. That is all.

  8. Yep, don’t get the dual relics. Just make them one big piece. It’s not like it’s two different players. What a simple, huge adjustment that would be. There might be significantly more praise for this set if the relics were large in a way that is uncharacteristic with any of these types of products.

    Like the concept, but they just look ugly. And they did a piss poor job with the tickets themselves. 0 relevancy to the cards. May as well had had a full, meaningless ticket thrown on top of the box as a topper.

  9. This stuff sux ba**s!

    Mario, whose bat is Guerrero using in that pic? He never uses crap Rawlings bats!

  10. The problem is with the concept as much as the design of the cards. I mean, it not exactly as if ticket stubs are scarce commodities.

    Now if you made it a rookie focused issue, with ticket stubs and jersey swatches from a player’s first game…or if you only included ticket stubs from famous games (i.e. 500 HR games, 3000 hit games, 300 win games, no-hitters, unassisted triple plays, perfect games, hitting for the cycle, 3/4 homer games, etc., then it might be a decent concept.

    But just having a random assortment of players with a random assortment of ticket stubs from a random assortment of games is rather pointless.

  11. There are some decent ones that have both team logos clearly on the ticket. I could care less for the ones that just show the seats but nothing about the actually game.

    Also, I get annoyed when a late season release has a player with the wrong team. Bill Hall was traded to the Mariners in mid August, yet he is listed as a Brewer.

  12. The “Seasoned” insert is nice looking.

    As for the relics, I guess it should be obvious that they have a horde of these small squares of jerseys and bats. That’s why you get a dual relic like the Wright. They don’t have any other size. They’re using Ticket to Stardom as a sort of dump. Clearing out their oversupply of relics, which continue to lose their appeal with each passing day.

  13. A bit expensive at $84, but that’s pretty much par for the course these days, sadly.

    I love the base cards and inserts. They harken back to the old Fleer Authentix sets, obviously. I like them because they’re a little different from what Topps has done so far in 09. Also because they’re not “different” in that ugly Upper Deck X/Piece of History sort of way either.

    And I agree about the relics. Single swatches would’ve been fine. Double swatches only make sense if it’s a bat and a jersey, not dual jersey pieces. But the relics are nicer than anything that’s been in Topps’ sets so far this year.

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