Is The Holy Grail of Non-Sports Missing?

There are very few non-sport trading cards that demand as much attention as the Inkworks Angelina Jolie autograph. Today I had a chance to speak to a former employee of Inkworks who was around when the two Jolie autographs were produced and stuck around until the very end.

I was informed that Angelina signed just 100 copies of the Series 1 version, along with another 100 of the Series Two release. Inkworks then released 180 autographs, holding back just ten of each in case of any damaged cards. When Inkworks went under, the entire inventory was sold to their #1 customer.

At that point, Brian Gray of Razor bought the cards from that customer. Here’s where it gets interesting; the former Inkworks employee says that none of the Angelina Jolie autographs ever made it into the hands of Razor, meaning the two Razor Ink Archives releases were missing the greatest Inkworks card produced.

Has anyone pulled a Jolie autograph from Razor Ink Archives?

Update: An e-mail to Brian Gray was promptly replied to. He informed me that while there were no Jolie autographs in the sale of the Inkworks inventory, “numberous autographs not in the deal were bought on the secondary market for the product.”

Thanks to Mr. Gray for taking the time to explain the situation.

Angelina Jolie


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