2009 Topps WWE Preview

Next month, Topps will be releasing it’s long awaited WWE line. Along with card backs written by the one and only Jim Ross, sketch cards drawn by WWE superstars, and dual autographs, it looks to be one of the best WWE/Topps releases in quite sometime.

All that’s missing is Chrome parallels.

While Chrome was unfortunately left out of the mix, you can still find Gold, Black, and Platinum parallels. The big hits in the product such as Dual Legacy autographs, signed mat relics, and sketch cards can be found exclusive in Hobby boxes of the product.

2009 Topps WWE is scheduled for release October 12th.


5 thoughts on “2009 Topps WWE Preview

  1. why the re-use of base and insert designs…does the market research indicate that people want that?

  2. Damn you Topps and your sticker autographs. I’d like to collect the UFC and WWE autograph sets, but those stickers are horrible and I can’t bring myself to pay money for sticker autographs.

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