Seriously, What’s Up With the Japanese?

Not only do they have some sick obsession with 9-year olds in school girl uniforms, they have also been producing a trading card set called ‘Juicy Honey’ which takes DNA cards to a new, sick level.

As far as I can tell, Juicy Honey  is now in its 11th series. It features the typical trading card “hits” such as autographs, relics, and “kiss cards”, which is weird but also a common practice over in the states.

What really gets Juicy Babes off-track is the other hits in the product. For starters, there is something called “Bra/Hook” and “Nipple Stamp” cards. OK, a little more strange than usual but not the worst thing in the world.

Now, take a look at the pixelated image below. If you dare click on it you will be taken to an uncensored image of the 1/1 Pubic Hair DNA card inserted into these products.

The blog Thorzul Will Rule busted a few of these Juicy Honey cards and pulled some very interesting stuff including two DNA cards. Unlike this post, that one is truly uncensored and should not be seen by anyone under the age of 18.

Mario Alejandro does not want to get sued.

(hat tip – J.L.)



23 thoughts on “Seriously, What’s Up With the Japanese?

  1. Truly sick. They also play a video game that has been banned in the US (thankfully) where graphic rape is an objective of the game. Seriously what is with the Japanese?

  2. Shame on Beckett for not covering this hard hitting story instantly!!! Maybe the new site name should be WaXXX Heaven.

  3. From a sociological perspective, it probably has to do with the fact that Japan is very insular and culturally isolated (fewest immigrants per captia in the world) as well as very gender segregated in terms of both work and social roles. Kids spend so much time studying to try to get into the best schools that they never develop proper relationship skills with members of the opposite gender, something which carries over into adulthood where many, if not all, relationships are highly dysfunctional. Men, even married ones, spend virtually all their time with other men, both in and out of the office, and many adult women enjoy dressing up in weird costumes and/or as little girls.

    Anybody who has seen Japanese manga would realize that this stuff is fairly tame by Japanese standards. Hell, given how society sexualizes women here in the states, it’s not even all that outrageous by today’s North American societal standards.

  4. The funny thing is the product info on one site that sold the cards. It said the DNA cards were for cloning when the technology became readily available.

  5. The best part is how quasi-scientific the card appears to be. Giving me a legend in millimeters and an even more useless scale indicator just adds to the weirdness. Scale is 1:1…sooo….you’re telling me that these are “actual size”?.

    Also seemingly typical of this “Signature Cuts” card is how carefully, uh, groomed and presented the subject matter is. Must take a special kind of guy to have that job.

    “Okay, Kazuhiro, we have 750 sterilized baggies of “resources” for you to do your thing! Make some art today!”

    It appears that this card just unifies normally two separate things that guys often chase: inserts, and well, other stuff…

  6. Yeah right, this is all for the perves, imagine this hitting state side with our porn stars, the cards would sell out so fast and would command 1000’s of dollars. I saw this months ago, on the bay, and they do sell. I’m all for relics but this is just something that goes beyond fun, more like mental sickness.

  7. For anyone wondering, the card Mario showed of the… um… growth, is not a DNA relic, just a photograph. Thank the Lord.

  8. There are some American porn cards. All I got was a Sydnee Steele autograph out of the box I got back in the day though.

  9. For anyone wondering, the card Mario showed of the… um… growth, is not a DNA relic, just a photograph. Thank the Lord.

    Yea after looking at this and the other page for a couple minutes in awkward silence, I realized that it was only a pic of the pubes, and in no way the actual hair.. At first when I thought it was the real hair, I was thinking they must have had to give all the girls Brazilian waxes to get it and keep it in perfect position like that, but then when I saw 1:1 scale, I realized they’re just showing a creepy actual size picture.. I’m wondering why all these chicks are sporting bushes anyways, but maybe they like that shit in Japan, lol..

  10. Let me point something out here…

    We’re a bunch of men who collect pictures of other men in tight outfits (or in Mario’s case, pictures of shirtless men in tight jeans). None of us balked when they started releasing cards featuring hair from men who died a couple hundred years ago.

    But you release a card set of WOMEN in sexually suggestive poses with bits of their hair, and somehow the people who buy THOSE are the perverts?

    BTW, I’d be willing to bet that the pubes in question did not come from women (in Japan, showing womens’ pubes is a BIG taboo, and even worse is to shave them) at all.

  11. Thomas, I think you need to understand the massive difference here. The people that buy “those” are considered “perverts” because that is what it is. I think you fail to note that perversion is a subjective term contingent on social/moral applications. Socially/morally speaking – we as collectors – do not (in the sense of consensus) collect for sexual pleasure or for distorted reasons. I understand you’re point in which we are falling on relative terms with men collecting men and men collecting women, but – once again – the point here is what you brought up – perversion. I do not believe that you as an individual has a saying in what the general will wishes to define as such. Let us not forget that there is a difference between the two hobbies you’ve optioned us – One indirectly implies sexual innuendo.

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