It was bound to happen. I predicted shortly after the shocking death of Michael Jackson that card companies would begin releasing his cards. Already this year we’ve been treated to a Razor National Exclusive 1/1 cut signature and four Upper Deck X short prints released with the UDx brand.

Well, in case you missed it on the Upper Deck blog, the men & women from Carlsbad have acquired a signed ‘Thriller’ photograph which they plan on destroying cutting for a Prominent Cuts signature for the upcoming release. While I am thrilled (no pun intended) to see MJ continuing to get love from The Hobby, surely this piece could be saved, no?

Why not make the entire photo a redemption card? The lucky collector who pulls it could have the entire PSA/DNA autographed photo in a frame to add to their collection or sell on eBay. Either way, you would think that it would be a better alternative than cutting up the picture.

I’ve just seen way too many lousy cut signatures from all the companies to know that one bad snip and a possible Card of the Year contender could end up as one of the worst cards of 2009. Speaking with Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin, he informed me that at this time he was not sure how the card would be treated seeing as MJ’s signature is so big.

Even after his death, Michael Jackson is still larger than life.