Upper Deck Is Going To Break My Heart!

It was bound to happen. I predicted shortly after the shocking death of Michael Jackson that card companies would begin releasing his cards. Already this year we’ve been treated to a Razor National Exclusive 1/1 cut signature and four Upper Deck X short prints released with the UDx brand.

Well, in case you missed it on the Upper Deck blog, the men & women from Carlsbad have acquired a signed ‘Thriller’ photograph which they plan on destroying cutting for a Prominent Cuts signature for the upcoming release. While I am thrilled (no pun intended) to see MJ continuing to get love from The Hobby, surely this piece could be saved, no?

Why not make the entire photo a redemption card? The lucky collector who pulls it could have the entire PSA/DNA autographed photo in a frame to add to their collection or sell on eBay. Either way, you would think that it would be a better alternative than cutting up the picture.

I’ve just seen way too many lousy cut signatures from all the companies to know that one bad snip and a possible Card of the Year contender could end up as one of the worst cards of 2009. Speaking with Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin, he informed me that at this time he was not sure how the card would be treated seeing as MJ’s signature is so big.

Even after his death, Michael Jackson is still larger than life.




  1. the first few nice looking cut autos- cool!

    but then as it wore off and they got worse and worse its starting to bother me.
    I mean why do they keep having to destroy history????? WHY? 30 years from now this is going to be looked back as a terrible fad that robbed us of many interesting items., I agree, if they wanted to use it have the whole thing be a redemption

  2. Jackson’s auto is WAY too big to fit onto a card. But knowing UD, they’ll make it 5 cards: “MIK” “EJ” “ACK” “S” “ON”. Idiots.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more. Use it as a redemption piece. Surely they can find a blank piece of paper or a check or something instead. Funny how the mfgs are so enamored with him now that he is deceased.

  4. It’s not the fact that every card company is destroying history, it’s they are the only ones that can afford the pieces. Cut signatures have become the most exclusive hit in the last 5 yrs, so no wonder that they would take full advantage of cutting up objects for that premier autograph. There are many pieces that will never be cut up, but for the most part a lot of letters, documents, and index cards have met the cutter. In 30yrs none of this will matter, something will take the place of cuts, I’m thinking DNA cards of some sort. For now enjoy what the companies are producing it’s only a matter of time before the cut fad becomes history.

  5. The more shocking part is that it seems to be accepted in the hobby to continue to cut up Ruth, Dimaggio, Mantle etc etc game worn/used jersey’s/pants/bats to insert into cards……..do they ever release a video of them chopping up these treasures….obviously no, because if they did, no one would ever want to get one again, it’s a tragedy!

  6. Bill, that’s hilarious. I would pay serious dollars to watch an illegal immigrant cut the crap out of history. It’d be great because she’d be so oblivious, and she’d speak like Peter Griffin doing the Mexican maid impression: “Housekeeping?” Good Ol’ Maria, whistling away while cutting perfectly square 1″x1″ slabs of history.

    With that said, did anyone else find it relatively enjoyable that PSA guarantees things as 100% authentic? When you consider the sheer amount of PSA authenticated objects floating around, staking your reputation on theirs seems a bit troublesome.

  7. I just want to say…there is no supply without demand. There was a time when baseball cards was just what it is…pieces of cardboard of baseball players and nothing else. But the companies came up with ideas to generate more money and the hobby got fat and greedy.

  8. Jl – There are already plenty of DNA cards on the market.

    To All – Many of the jerseys, bats, cut autos on the market already come from items that were slightly or majorly torn/cracked/damaged to begin with.

    There are tons of complete game used items and signed items out there.

  9. UGH

    Quit wrencking nice thing to create ugly things! Use checks! Use index cards! Use boring unhistoric documents! DON’T USE NICE PICTURES AND MEMORABILIA

    The card will end up looking like shit and the actual nice thing is destroyed. I’m sick of this crap.

  10. Charlie,

    I’m not talking the bigfoot, or a lock of one hair, I’m talking bigger, gum, or something that gets collector even closer to the player. I seen about two months ago a company from japan use pube hair from a japaniesse porn star on a dna card, imagine having Jenna James or Chasey Lain do that in USA, those boxes would be sold out so fast, look at the Kiss cards WWE and TNA, that’s what I’m talking about.

  11. A pube hair? Seriously? That just seems like we’re going WAAAAAAY down the wrong road. What would be next, a vile of Ron Jeremy’s love juice?

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  12. The japan issue cards are called Juicy honey, there is a Buy it Now on ebay no picture but price is 999.00 they are low #’ed to 5 check them out.

  13. There is a market for these cards and the cut auto will sell for more than the whole picture. You cannot blame them as long as it sells product. The truth is people prefer the cards. I am surprised by how many people collect cards but not memorabilia. A lot of people are surprised that I have full game used jerseys and cards…

  14. Charlie,

    I agree that there are many modern day game used items (damaged and otherwise) that are being cut up as tiny squares……however I don’t really think this is an appropriate use of vintage Ruth jerseys/batsbat in any condition, In my opinion a cracked bat is even nicer than a non cracked, as it shows more use . In the the Hockey world they even took the last remaining Goalie pads of Georges Vezina (Vezina Trophy) and chopped them up to go into cards!! These were stuffed with Horse Hair, not the above mentioned Hair (haha)

  15. This is very cool.

    First of all Im sure Upper Deck will make a big enough frame for this cut, and Its going to make for an exciting pull.

    Im going to buy a box just for this reason.


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