14 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: SPx Shadow Box

  1. those are really nice looking cards.
    I like that style of insert much more than a little piece of white game used jersey.

  2. Those are pretty awesome looking! I hope they come to baseball soon too, but it wouldn’t make sense for UD to put the, there for a while, since they do not have an MLB license for next year.

    Jennings is a good, young WR for the Packers, who has the potential to be a star.

  3. Here’s the thing I don’t quite understand, are unsigned versions a case hit?

    I think it’s completely awesome, but by no means can production costs be that high. When you consider the cost of the auto for your normal case hits, putting together something like this can’t cost that much.

    So this is how it’ll go: These things go for crazy money. Upper Deck makes them a box hit next year. Not quite as crazy money. Upper Deck makes them one per 50 dollar pack. Bam! market flooded.

    10 years from now — what’ll be the difference between the case hit version and the pack hit versions? I’m sure they’ll find a way to number both to 50.

    By the way, other than the 3D stuff, that card is pretty ugly. Unless of course you think sheet, brushed, or riveted metal is still on the cutting edge of design.

  4. This card is a throw back to the 90’s, great design, just don’t like the fact case hit, should be one per box. Signed should be the case hit.

  5. That is a very cool looking insert. I would love to get my hands on one of them, even if it’s a scrub player or damaged card, just to see it in person. It’s very nice to see a company doing something innovative again after so many years of status quo.

    I usually don’t buy boxes of higher-end stuff, but I might have to get a box or two of SPx this year.

  6. I think Kris is right in terms of the eventual market flood of these cards. It will start out like jersey cards then be produced more to meet demand and then eventually become nothing much.

    However that would suit me just fine because I think the card is great. It has an artistic element that would lead me to want to display it in prominent fashion. THESE CARDS TO ME AREN’T about the value but are about the aesthetics of good design. I would pay $10 for a pack of 5 mass produced with no inserts, etc to drive up production cost (might actually go $15).

    As far as production cost goes…most design and technology costs are in the beginning and so limiting production to get hype and build demand eventually leads to the boom needed to cancel the initial cost.

    The video really helped show the dimensional flair. I want that card as I can pass it along to one of the Packers loving kids in my church.

    I want to see an AP UP CLOSE.

  7. Now, call me a stick-in-the-mud, but before we all start wetting our pants in excitement let me pose this question: What do the base cards look like?

    Sure, UD did a GREAT job with this INSERT, but did they bother taking 1/2 the time/consideration/effort with what 99.999% of us are going to end up with after spending $150+ for a box?

    I also agree these should be 1/box, or even 3-5 per case. Making this the case hit (if thats how it falls) isnt exactly what anyone wants/expects when dropping $1500-1800.

  8. As a collector of football cards im def excited to see a diff product. Hopefully the shadowbox doesnt have to many lower end players. Anyway hope to pull one when i buy some spx09,n goodluck to every1 else.

  9. awesome!!! finally a case hit thats deserving of case hit status!!!

    now its baseballs turn

  10. If you think a prototype card will be worthless, feel free to send it to me.

    The prototype is more rare than the typical shadowbox card.

  11. Mario,

    Was that a rivtt I saw in the lower right hand corner? Other then that small hole in the card (to hold it together?) I love the way they look, I hope it goes to baseball sometime soon.

  12. that card looks awesome!!!! i would love to have a dan marino card like that. as for that card not being worth anything, holes on promo cards aren’t that uncommon and may even increase the price. cool stuff!!!!

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