Panini Has A Hit On Their Hands

When was the last time a non-graded, non-numbered base card without a game-used relic and/or autograph hit nearly $100 dollars on the secondary market? Thanks to 2009 Donruss Threads Football and its retail-exclusive first Brett Favre Vikings card, it nearly happened recently.

The card in question, while not all that stunning in the design department, has a print run of 4,444 and can only be pulled from Donruss Threads packs in Wal-Mart and Target. You can expect eBay sales to come back down to reality once more are pulled and listed and Topps and Upper Deck versions go live.

Wax Heaven readers voted on the three Favre cards and over 60% of 200+ votes picked the Topps version as their favorite. You can view scans of all three cards, the poll, and results HERE.



  1. Same thing happened with the Jets version last year. It hit $30-$50 in the beginning before settling in the $10 range. The accounced print run of 4444 will keep sales brisk and it should settle around $30.

  2. So this card commands the same price as the 1991 Stadium club rookie, get real even with a print run of 4444, go for the rookie.

  3. Kudos to Panini, they did their homework and wil be selling lots of junky
    retail blaster boxes. Timing is everything, topps and UD snoozed and Panini get the card out there first.

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