Johnny Depp Autograph Burning up eBay

When  it comes to Johnny Depp, I’ve never quite understood the fascination. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a brilliant actor but at this point in his career seems a bit overrated. Perhaps what really turned me off was the absolutely pathetic retelling of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but I suppose Tim Burton deserves most of the criticism there.

I never had any knowledge of a certified autograph of Depp in trading card form. Simply put, when it comes to the really big stars, companies seem to have a hard time getting them to sign on the dotted line or in the industry’s case, the sticker. To this day, I believe the Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider autograph to be the all-time greatest auto in non-sports trading cards.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory trading cards were produced in 2005 by Artbox Entertainment. I could not find much information on the set but I was able to find many movie prop relics, foil parallels, and certified autographs through eBay. Typical Depp autographs on eBay have sold anywhere from $60 dollars to as much as $120.

The very rare Depp autograph from the set is nearing $200 dollars with 3 days left.



  1. 12 year old girls like him

    other than that there are better actors out there… but hes not nearly the worst, I once saw a movie with him in it that was good

  2. Depp is one of the better superstar actors out there…I’d say 40 year old men like him more than 12 year old girls at this point

  3. Don’t forget the 40-year old Ren Faire women that have been in love with Depp for over 20 years, since 21 Jumpstreet days.

    As for great autographed non-sports, there are a couple of a-list candidates that could compete with the Jolie / Tomb Raider specimen.

    1) Jennifer Garner – Though there’s no short supply of them, her Alias autos still consistently push well into the three figures, but the best of the Garner autos is probably from the Daredevil set. I imagine that this one is particularly rare to locate, since the card set commemorates a pretty ho-hum movie from six years ago.

    2) Salma Hayek – Again, a mediocre movie celebrated with a trading card set, her Wild Wild West auto is sharp and exceedingly rare to find. Another card with a significant premium when found.

    It’s still not too hard to find either Daredevil or WWW card packs flopping around in the plastic bins of cheap loose packs. Is it worth the chance of finding a sweet auto? Or maybe a not so sweet auto.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t like Depp is entitled to their opinion, but to say he is an overrated or bad actor is ridiculous: his fellow actors rate him as a terrific actor, and they know of what they speak.

  5. hes great and the sparrow guy is memorable and anyone capping on him is either jeealous or not into popular films.hes improved and is good at what he does albeit better actors,sure!id like to see more with him and more hes been in and a colorful talent we all can take a lesson or two from

  6. I think Johnny Depp is FINE amazing I can’t get enough of him in Public Enemy he is soooooooo sexy and smart Brad Pitt eat your heart out Johnny you take my breath away

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