Arturo Gatti’s Deal With Ringside Boxing

Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, the legendary boxer raised in Montreal, Canada was one of the first fighters to sign on for the Ringside Boxing Round One trading card set. Having boxed professionally for over 15 years, no one had yet to produce a card of Gatti featuring a fight-worn relic or certified autograph.

On July 11th, 2009, all chances of owning a “Thunder” autograph came to and end when the 37-year old was found dead in a hotel room in Brazil. After several weeks of speculation and with Gatti’s young wife being held in a jail for murder, police finally ruled Arturo Gatti’s death a suicide.

It’s a shame that Arturo felt the need to take his own life. It’s also incredibly unfortunate for his fans who also collect because it means that we may never see any of his cards on the market. At this moment, Gatti’s estate is up in the air and it’s likely to remain that way for some time.

Here’s hoping Dr. Price can put a deal together soon so that we may at least have the opportunity to own relic cards of the legendary fighter. If done right and not overproduced, Gatti’s fight-worn relics could be the surprise hit of the product, no pun intended.

6 thoughts on “Arturo Gatti’s Deal With Ringside Boxing

  1. There is NO WAY That Gatti took his own life. The Brazillian authorities are VERY crooked. The Canadian autopsy will set him free.

  2. I don’t want to make any presumptions, but if I saw my girlfriend on the floor with a bloody strap around her neck I’d probably think that something was up. When someone drunkenly falls asleep, you kick them and tell them to get their ass off the floor.

    This is all screwed up.

  3. The reason the wife was set free is that the autopsy found ligature marks that were consitent with hanging and not simple strangulation. The authorities believe there is no way a petitte woman could ever hoist up a muscular guy like Gatti. I just hope he is at peace.

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