2009 Topps T-206 Preview!

21 08 2009

2009 Topps T-206 Baseball 100th Anniversary Edition

Product Details:

(350) total cards, (7) cards per pack with (50) short prints

(2) autographs and/or relics per Hobby box

(20) packs per box, (10) boxes per case

Original T-206 Buybacks included!

Release Date:

Week of November 23rd

CLICK HERE to view the checklist

(thumbnails lead to a full-size scan)




21 responses

21 08 2009

I like the variations on the frame, representing each of the original tobacco producers. If boxes are around $50 (ha!) I’ll probably pick up one or 2. Luckily I’m not much of a set collector, cause the one base card we’ve been provided doesn’t look like anything special.

21 08 2009

Just what we need. More sets.

21 08 2009
Mario A.

The checklist has Andrew Miller. I’m sold!

21 08 2009

Wow, it’s been raining new Topps products this week!

I’m glad that they’re doing a T206 retro set to commemorate the 100th anniversary, but it doesn’t look very good. The foil stickers look beyond awful on the retro design, and do we really need meaningless jersey cards in this product?

If I could do it my way, I’d make a T206 retro set with all of the cards (not just parallels) in the original tobacco card size. Now THAT would be a nice product.

21 08 2009

Looks like Bowman Heritage and Allen & Ginter had a baby and slapped a shiny foil sticker on it’s forehead 😀

21 08 2009

I wonder how we’re going to be able to tell this T206 release from prior T206 releases. Just by looking at the back of the card at the copyright date or can tell from the fronts onlly if the Rookie Card logo is present? if my memory is good, the front of the base preview looks similar to the Topps T206 release from a few years ago. Topps probably should have put “Topps T206 2009” or something in the upper right to make it obvious from looking at the card front.

21 08 2009

That would be T205 Robert.

21 08 2009

You should share the MSRP with us!

Better yet, why haven’t you set up some kind of partnership with blowout/da/atl whatever, whereby you link to the product with the price in it. I’ll teach you how to write internet contracts: Send them all letters and say you’ll link to whoever offers it the cheapest, and then demand 10% of their profit margin per confirmed referrer purchase to keep your blog-afloat.

Collectors won’t bitch, because you’re linking to the cheapest reputable place to buy the product. You’ll only clear like 100 bucks a year, which coincidentally keeps your blog afloat.

Monetarize / Whore yourself out.

21 08 2009

It looks as if the relic cards are framed minis like A&G, are they actually produced that way or does it just look like it?

21 08 2009
Carl Crawford Cards

Love the idea, dislike the execution.

If they are going to do a set like this they should have ACTUALLY mimicked the old T206s: no Topps logo on the front, no “rookie” labels, no paragraph and a half of legal jargon on the back, use a more “authentic” looking print process so these look more like T206s than cheap Dover repros, go lower def with the photos, the list goes on.

I’m sure the hits will be great and people will go nuts, but I am sure you can score 10+ real T206s for the MSRP of a single box of this stuff.

21 08 2009
Mario A.


I wish I had the SRP price, if I did it would certainly make it into the preview.

There is a Hobby Direct price…

21 08 2009

now that looks like a “unique” product.

21 08 2009

Charlie: “That would be T205 Robert.”

Actually Topps did T206 before T205. They’ve lapped themselves.


21 08 2009

If the price is right its worth another look. If its going to be in Ginter range, forget it

21 08 2009

dayf – you’re right. They just called it Topps 206. Now it’s T-206.
For a second there I thought they were re-rehashing a set they’d already done.

Funny thing is, in 2002, the autos were all on-card framed minis 😛

22 08 2009

Didn’t see Pettitte… maybe he’s in there but I looked twice, and then got sick of reading.

I take it these are the size of regular cards, and not smaller like the originals?

22 08 2009
TN Nick

I’ve been looking forward to this set for a while. The 2002 Topps 206 was the last set I collected before I got out of the hobby for about 6 or so years. But why oh why did they have to put sticker autos on there. And not even clear sticker, but the nasty foil stickers. Terrible mistake Topps.

23 08 2009

gah! no pelf in this set either!

23 08 2009

Wow, Wagner/Jeter/Mantle/Ruth/Gehrig are shortprints…..thanx for being predictable, Topps execs!

29 08 2009


23 11 2009
The Skidmark Kid


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