Ballpark Collection shaping up

Upper Deck has released new images from the soon to be released Ballpark Collection. Rather than steal all the images and host them on my blog like Beckett did, I will instead point you in the direction of Upper Deck’s Facebook account, where the images were originally released.

I definitely respect Upper Deck & Topps’ decision not to play favorites and make new images & information available to all sources and every single collector. It’s a shame Panini America wants no part in the movement and still insists on being a Beckett-exclusive.

As for Ballpark Collection, which I have previewed multiple times on Wax Heaven, it looks very promising if you are the type of collector that yearns for a “hit” in every pack. As you can see, all the big names are there. From Ripken Jr., Longoria, and Jeter, to today’s young stars like Rick Porcello.

14 thoughts on “Ballpark Collection shaping up

  1. Sweet, another Longoria auto to go after! I’m up to 237 different cards including 38 auto’s.

    Only bad thing is that it *looks* like it’ll be a sticker autograph. Not entirely sure though. Upper Deck has been doing a great job with on-card auto’s this year. I absolutely love the on-card auto’s in Legendary Cuts!

  2. The Longoria auto pictured there looks like he signed it with the electronic pen I use to sign the credit card machine at Target.

  3. Panini is on Facebook but they don’t preview anything on there. They leave that for Beckett.

    Topps just sends out images to everyone on their mailing list, which includes bloggers.

  4. This will be unsellable garbage just like the previous release. When will you people learn? The sell sheets are meant for 1 thing…TO SELL YOU ON THE PRODUCT. I don’t want to hear any crying when JJ Hardy and Yvoni Gallardo are your box hits.

  5. Cause everyone buys boxes to resell right R? You know what else is unsellable garbage? A lot of the 80s/90s crap people also enjoy on this site. But they enjoy it, that’s what matters, not the resell value.

  6. Beaverman: I could not agree more. Although I get the occasional itch for something on the higher end side of the spectrum, I mostly enjoy low end product or discounted “garbage” from years past. It’s my money, my free time, and my collection – so what’s wrong with getting something I enjoy?!

    I might eventually pick up a box of Ballpark. Why not? Lots of cool hits… sounds fun to me.

  7. If the cards the ordinary collector pulls resemble the cards in these images, then UD has a winner. I bought a box last year and was very disappointed. The “color scheme” was based on brown – which is about the worst choice imaginable, I think. Also, all of the materials in the cards seemed to be bland white swatches. These preview cards have a lighter touch to them and the jersey swatches have a “patch” quality that was altogether missing last year. I’ll probably try a box based on what I see here. Hope it’s not “bait and switch.”

  8. Last year’s Ballpark was one of my least favorite products of the year. It just struck me as kind of plain and very hit and miss. I’m also not sure if every card on the checklist made it into the product. There are three Pat Burrell cards that I’ve never seen on eBay. That said, the design looks a lot better this year and numbering the cards will help. Any word on patches?

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