This is my collecting nightmare

As a kid I used to love bragging about having so many baseball cards. Back in the early-90’s when collecting was at its peak, every kid in my neighborhood has a collection going. I would say at the most I had about 5,000 cards.

After my return to collecting in 2007, I reached about 15,000 cards before I realized how unhappy that was making me. You see, I am the most obsessive person in the blogosphere. I’m the kind of guy that sets all three remote controls in perfect angles and yells at anyone who moves them.

The idea of having so many cards from different brands, eras, and players began to drive me nuts. In January of this year I gave everything away. As you can imagine, my wife was not thrilled. After all, this was stuff we paid thousands of dollars for not sponsored boxes card companies occasionally send out.

I am happy today with nothing more than Andrew Miller and Jose Canseco cards. It’s truly all I can handle. That’s why I nearly had a heart attack when I checked out this eBay auction Voice of the Collector pointed to last night. There’s a thin line between collecting and hoarding and this guy clearly crossed it years ago.

What I don’t understand is that the seller has seemingly hundreds of recent game-used relics but I could not find a single certified autograph in the entire lot. Yes, there are some key rookie cards including the Topps Rickey Henderson and Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. but you can pick those cards up for under $20 dollars on eBay.

I would say 99% of the wax boxes pictured are considered “junk wax” by today’s standards. Sure, it’s fun to bust but unless you send out the key cards to get graded and they do well, it’s certainly not worth the $3,500+ the auction has already reached. If you used this collecting to open up a store, odds are you’d be out of business in the first month.

Am I wrong?

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  1. That is true but in lots, cards sell for under a penny all the time.

    The amount of work it would take for someone to make a profit from this is insane. Unless someone is buying it to add to their collection.

  2. Yeah, but junk wax is cheap and just as much fun to open as any other wax. I see a bunch of 1989 Donruss boxes….and even though they only go for about $5 each, they are bright colorful cards and have both Griffey and Big Unit RC’s. Pretty good cash/fun ratio if you ask me!

  3. mfw13,

    I began collecting in 1989 so I certainly lived through the “junk wax” era. To me, those products are fun but priced accordingly. I’d much rather bust ANY product from 1994-1999 as the designs were top notch and inserts looked amazing. It was still before the game-used and autograph phenomenon.

  4. If you check out this guy’s feedback you can see that he tried to sell this thing off in lots of 250 but it didn’t seem to go over so well.

  5. He also sold off a lot of “50,000+ rookies wax boxes” to a dealer who called it a “horrible collection of cards” in his feedback and got a refund.

  6. A. My fiancee would KILL me if my collection looked anything like that. KILL ME. Realistically, if it did, I probably wouldn’t have a fiancee.

    Also, is that a couple of cases of 1998 Donruss Preferred? You NEVER see that stuff.

  7. I still say if you could get this at under $5k you could easily make your money back + a return of say 100-200% or 10-15k. Think about it. Maybe not a brick and mortar shop but definetly online.

  8. Mario you might be right about the time factor involved. I think when looking at this picture your eyes are drawn to the junk wax boxes but in looking at the other pictures I think there is a ton of viable stuff. Even if you blew out all the GU cards at $3-$5 a piece

  9. I’m with VOTC. If you had a small store, or were looking to start one, you could do worse than plunking down $5000 for this lot. There’s enough variety to cover all your bases, and just enough quality to make it interesting.

  10. Mario – that is not a real Henderson rookie.. He’s trying to show all those vintage “rookie” cards (Boggs, Brett, Smith, Robinson, Bench, Ryan, Seaver, Sandberg, Banks, Gibson, Clemente, Kilebrew, Gwynn, Jackson, Mantle) – but none of those are the actual RC’s.. They’re reprints from recent sets.. He has an 87 Bonds thrown in too, and that one I believe is real.. He’s obviously trying to pull a fast one on an unsuspecting person with that little trick.

  11. this guy is clearly lieing in his despiton he says he has a 66 mantle though the one shows is a reprint and he shows reprints of many other star rcs.

  12. That’s not a reprint of a ’66 Mantle tho – that’s a ’52 reprint lol.. So I’d say he really does have a ’66, but since it’s not pictured it’s probably beat to hell or ripped.. And like I was saying, he is trying to pull a fast one by showing all those pics of the RC reprints – but he didn’t actually come out and mention them in the description, cuz they’re clearly not their real RC’s.. He’s just showing them trying to entice an unsuspecting buyer..

  13. im sure he’s just showing those cards since there re lik 50 of each of them. Buyers who are going to spend $3,500+ on this know those are reprints, unless there retarded. and the 87 Bonds is also one the reprints.

    Did I mention Gellman sucks at life?

  14. I’d say 90% of a card shop’s biz is on new stuff. I ran a small card shop in a flea market and I had tons of old wax and no one ever looked at it. It was usually people looking for new stuff hunting for inserts. The only people who looked at old wax were player collectors or people just window shopping. I couldn’t get the new stuff cheaper than some other card shops there so I closed in less than a month.

  15. OHMAHGAWD Someone broke into my house and took some pictures!

    Why didn’t they take the damn CARDS?

  16. hahaha I was looking at that pic when my fam. walked by the comp… I quickly had to change it as theyre pissed off and think my collection will grow that big.

  17. “and the 87 Bonds is also one the reprints.”


    Shit you’re right! The reprint RC’s are so easy for me to spot cuz of them having different pictures – but the 87 Topps Bonds reprint has his pic from 88 Topps, which is still really familiar looking to me.. I should have known, the 87 Topps pose with him on his heel is unmistakable! haha.

  18. For some quick math, a million cards equals 1250 packed-to-the-gills 800-count boxes. Even considering the unopened material and the monster / multi-row storage boxes, I’m not sure it adds up to that, though his hobby fort remains impressively sized.

    My favorite part of the photo are the two lonely loose cards in the middle of the floor. What kind of crummy no-nothing player do you have to be to be left out of the Great Wall? If I buy the lot, does it include those two?

  19. 40 boxes of 1989 Donruss baseball? I’m speechless. Am I seeing things correctly… he’s offering free shipping? Personally… good deal or not… I wouldn’t want it. I mean, who has time to go through and sort all of this crap?

  20. When I was looking at the auction my wife happened to walk by, I think she hit the nail on the head when she said “Whos crap is that?” when she saw the pictures. I can understand setting aside some boxes or cards that you are speculating on but most of that stuff was crap when it came out.

  21. Do you know how many Group breaks would come out of that stuff!?!? Yeah, you’re right, none, unless they were “giveaway group breaks…” Now, if I hit the lottery and was looking for stuff to giveaway… Hmm, I’m not even sure people would want most of this stuff, even if it was free…

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