John Hughes: A missed opportunity

During my ten years away from collecting I needed something to keep me entertained. Being single and working 80 hours a week the best I could come up with was movies. I opened up a Netflix account and over the course of three years watched over 500 films & documentaries.

One of my fantasies that I was banking on someday was the return of John Hughes to directing. After all, how could the man responsible for such films as Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Breakfast Club, and Weird Science simply walk away like he did in 1991?

Sadly, John passed away at the age of 59 yesterday. Not only did he never make the comeback I and millions of movie buffs were waiting for, he also did not have a single certified autograph in any trading card set which is a travesty.

In a day and age when Donruss & Upper Deck are releasing multiple celebrity-themed products, someone should have thought of John’s accomplishments and pop culture relevance and got him to sign a few cards.

Below is my personal list of Top 3 directors which should get some Hobby love in 2010 and beyond. As you can see, Quentin Tarantino has already received the works thanks to Donruss/Panini but another one would not hurt, especially from the era when Quentin was still considered “cool”.

1. Francis Ford Coppola

Why? The Godfather & Apocalypse Now

Why Not? Jack

2. Martin Scorsese

Why? Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, & Goodfellas

Why not? Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ video

3. Quentin Tarantino

Why? Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction

Why not? For turning into a pussy, ‘Deathproof’ from Grindhouse

4 thoughts on “John Hughes: A missed opportunity

  1. I wouldn’t say Hughes walked away in 1991, he just changed his focus to writing, which I’d argue was where his true genius was. Granted, after 1991 his writing focused switched to family films and retreads at that.

    I’m sure within six months there’ll be a Hughes cut signature somewhere.

  2. Tarantino is a trip, his movies are so weird! Although I did love the car chase and ending of Deathproof. Sorry, it was funny.

    Coppola has a wonderful son for acting 😉

  3. It seems like guys like Hughes get no respect, although I’d say it’s arguable that his movies have had more cultural reference and impact than David Lynch.

    Cameron Crowe, though I think a lesser talent than Hughes, is in a similar boat. They both have made approachable, commercial films that have some sentimentality, and get unfairly ripped for not being “tough”, “challenging”, or even artistic. Seems it’s mostly jealously for being able to make a few more bucks, with nicer material, than the other guy busy over-indulging his artistic “voice“.

    I don’t think that you have to cover Henry Winkler in bees (or these bees) to qualify as artistic.

    I would include Jackie Brown on the Tarantino plus side. That was a nice, mature movie before he decided to wallow in his self-supported-super-coolness. It had the added bonus of giving us a prosthetic glimpse of what Bridget Fonda on a real diet could look like.

  4. Todd,

    Crowe should be considered one of the all-time greats simply on the merits of Almost Famous (and the even better director’s cut Untitled). I think one of the big things keeping Crowe out of the spotlight is the fact that he writes everything that he directs and only does projects that he is passionate about so you only see a movie every 3 – 5 years as opposed to someone you mentioned who makes a bunch of drek blow up on a yearly basis.

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