Mike Schmidt hates Autograph Hounds

Having witnessed Autograph Hounds first hand at Roger Dean and Dolphin Stadium, I can’t blame Mike for his ill-feelings towards these guys. The people he’s talking about are the kind that spend all Summer stalking players at hotels, bars, and malls looking for just one more autograph.

For starters, not everyone classifies as a “Hound”. If you are getting just a single autograph at a time, no need to worry. I’m talking about the guys with giant binders with 8 cards of each player who expect the guy to sign everything or else they will run to a message board and post about what an “arrogant jerk” the player was.

As for the article regarding Mike’s signature being worth $100 or more, someone should tell the 3-time MVP that his low-end certified autographs sell for as low as $25 dollars on eBay, while signed baseballs and photos can be had for much less.

It’s not 1983 anymore.

28 thoughts on “Mike Schmidt hates Autograph Hounds

  1. Schmidt is absolutely correct. Today’s hobby is all about making money, not collecting cards, and autographs have become commodities like anything else.

    I’ve only got four autographs in my collection, but every one of them was obtained in person and comes with a great story attached.

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  3. Well… I mean… wouldn’t you hate being approached and stalked? I happen to agree with you Mario… no-one gets autographs anymore because they love the player or for memories. It’s all about the scratch anymore. Stalking a player is crazy, I can see him getting pi$$ed over it.

  4. I got Mike Schmidt’s autograph on a baseball back in 1988/1989. It was at a social event in Clearwater, FL during Spring Training. He seemed pretty cool then.

  5. He said that “Our society has become so callous, rude, and motivated by money that even something as American and simple as shaking hands and signing a baseball for a young person can seldom occur today” Then why does he charge for autographes and is happy that his autograph is worth money? And that our society is motivated by money, easy for him to say he’s rich…. He’ll never understand what it is not to have money to paid your light bill,etc….. Look i love getting autographes, and yes sometimes i like getting more than one but i have never sold anything in my collection for money. I do it for the love of it, its a great feeling when you get an autograph. I love looking back and telling the story on how that piece got signed. If he wants why not just sign one piece for everyone that comes up to him? There’s always going to be crooked people out there but please don’t make everyone suffer because of a couple of greedy hounds!

  6. I have been getting autographs on baseball cards for 22 years now.
    I also like getting a player signed on each team he’s played on, certain sets I like etc. So sometimes I’ll have 6-8 cards for a particular player. If he signs them all -great. If he signs 1or 2- we’ll dance again another day. I’ve never sold a one.

    My own personal rules are: I don’t bother them at hotels. If I see a guy at a restaurant I’ll wait till they’re outside leaving. If they are with their kids I don’t bother them at all. I don’t write to active players at their homes.

  7. BTW Mike Schmidt carried his own personal black Sharpie with him when he managed Clearwater and appeared at Phillies Spring Training camp. He signs one per person which is fine by me.

  8. Going to numerous minor league games and seeing these autograph hounds makes me take pity. It must be a lonely life stalking players for a signature. Especially minor leaguers. If they have any hope in turning a player’s gratitude into money they have two obstacles.

    A) The ‘graphs are not even certified
    B) These minor leaguers may never make the majors.

    I own dozens of autographed baseball cards, baseballs, pictures, and programs… certified and not. I don’t plan on selling a single one.

  9. The autos for profit guys (I just call them dealers) are only there for big players and hyped rookies. They deal in photos, jerseys, balls and bats. They think people getting cards signed are dopes since they aren’t as valuable.

    What’s weird is that I’ve encountered more players who’ll tell me they don’t sign cards and then sign a ball for a guy I know is a dealer.

  10. I imagine autograph stalkers get old fast. But so does players charging absurd amounts for autographs. Packs/boxes are expensive as they are because of what these players charge, even though secondary value is almost always drastically lower.

  11. I met Mike Schmidt in the summer of ’94 at a charity golf tournament to get, coincidentally, his 1983 Topps card signed.

    For a 13 year old kid to be able to meet a bunch of sports icons was amazing, but my experience with Schmidt was easily the worst of the day. I approached him in the lobby of the golf resort and asked him politely if he would sign my card. Here’s how the conversation went…

    Me: “Excuse me, Mr. Schmidt?”
    Mike: “What do you want!?”
    Me: “…would you sign my card please?”
    Mike: (snatches card out of my hand while not saying a word, scribbles his signature, hands it back, and walks off).
    Me: “Thank you, Mr. Schmidt”
    Mike: (no answer)

    In retrospect, I’m sure the guy was really busy and probably shot a lousy round or something, but when you treat your fans (and especially a kid who worshiped you) like crap, those people are not going to forget it.

  12. Mario
    Ok let me tell you this much,being from Philadelphia he Schmidt was never liked as Philadelphia Phillies player.I could remember going to many games at Veterans Stadium and hearing the fans boo him all the time! LOL!!!!
    I don’t know why that is but trust me the fans hated him! You can’t take away his Baseball achievements or the fact he is in the Hall of Fame.I saw him at the airport an a small boy walked up to him to ask for an autograph and he flat out yelled at him and said NO! Leave Me Alone! Image that, to think that was in the 1980s.
    There are countless time that I heard about his jerk off’s ways! Why do you think the Phillies never asked him to scout for them? He still in the minor leagues coaching,
    Mike Schmidt is just a dick head! The end no more stories hes just not a good person! Hey Mike Fuck You!!!!

  13. He should just personalize every card he signs. It a lot less likely they will be sold. Whenever I send out cards TTM I tell the players they can write “To Danny” so they will know I’m not going to sell them. Most of the time they do but a few don’t. The recently deceased Dusty Rhoads (the ball player not wrestler) wrote back “Danny, I don’t care if you sell them”.

  14. hahahah very funny ddouble…

    Im going to write him TTM just because of that, and tell him I think hes a pee-pee, and then Im going to ask him to sign each page of a mini-booklet.. }


  15. Not even a big reader, I can admit that any day. I would rather watch ESPN or something rather than read the sports page. I would rather collect the sports page, obviously I’m not much of a reader… my point is exactly I read the ENTIRE Mike S. story. Gives me a whole new point of view, I mean I always agreed with Schmidt, but now I completely side with Mike. I mean, he is right. A once in a lifetime experience for a young little boy trying to get an autograph, or a picture standing next to an athlete, has been taken by some 60 year old bitter hag looking for a quick buck over eBay. No-wonder he is so pissed about this whole concept, he is in a real pickle, he’s caught in the middle. He doesn’t know to trust *little Mike* anymore because he could just be bribed by some 40 year old just to get an autograph. It’s wrong to use little kids or Teenage girls just to get autograph you’re to fearful to get yourself. Sorry, my opinion!

  16. If I get an autograph and want to sell it, im going to sell it

    It’s not taking advantage of the “athlete”

    They get paid millions of dollars to play, sign autographs, etc.

    I will sell whatever they give me, if I want.

    The US Census report stated a $51,000 (somewhat) average household income a year. Think about how much an extra $100 – $200 could help households.

    These guys are starting to make me sick.

    They can lick my c*ode

  17. Wow just found this website… (Very cool by the way,) This is a really interesting topic and I can definately see both sides of the coin. The problem is too many people have a horrible tendency to generalize every one together. I get so sick of hearing “Autograph collecting should be for the kids!!!” or “Every adult is just a dealer.” I have seen too many times young kids who are beyond rude screaming and insulting players who do not stop too sign or who ask for autographs during the game. I have also seen MANY kids who go to far worse lengths and are far more devious then the most vile adults. For the record I live in Ft. Lauderdale and attend several Hammerheads games each year in addition to numerous Marlins spring training games. I am sure anyone who has been too Roger Dean has run into a certain group of kids/teens who go too absolutely vile lengths for their 14 Hanley Ramirez sigs. And brag about chasing Jose Reyes in his car. On the other hand I know many adults who collect and do not sell (myself included). I have never approached a player with more then 2 cards (1 is always for them too keep although often times they will sign that one as well) This hobby can be alot of fun and you get too meet a lot of really cool people both players and fans. Sorry for the rambling we now return you too the point…

  18. This is the reason if I go to a game or see any so called ” Famous person” I don’t even bother asking for an autograph. I lived in Las Vegas for 12 years and ran across at least 100 A celebs and sports figures not once did I ask for an Auto. Why Because #1 I don’t idolize these guys anymore as I used to as a child and it’s just not worth the fight for me #2 the Auto Hounds have ruined it for all of us and I dont even want to be thought of as one of them. His story is a little hypocritical you give up your privacy a little when you sign on however, These guys getting auto’s just for the money go way to far.If your a true fan the players don’t even know it anymore and that is whats sad to me just two months ago I was within 15ft of Ken Griffey Jr. ( my all time favorite player hand down) It was really upsetting maybe even sad that I couldn’t even bring myself to ask for an auto. But the hello and nod I got from him was cool enough for me! Grant

  19. On the other hand my outlook could stem from remembering when I went to a card show I believe around the age of 8 I’m now 33 and meeting Willie Mays after paying and standing in line for 3 hours. I won’t say anymore then he was Just plain angry no words no hello NADA. Do I dislike willie Mays now no! I still proudly have that baseball sitting at my desk. I couldn’t sit and sign auto’s at that age all day! But, Maybe it did affect my need to get auto’s in person anymore. Grant

  20. This guy is the biggest douche I have ever met. Back in the late 80’s I was at a Cubs game where they were playing the phillies. I was probably 11-12 years old. He was warming up before the game and I asked him for his autograph on the program we got at the game ( probably had 10-12 other autos on it). He turned around to look at me and said “how much money you got, kid?” I don’t think it’s a question of ebay and so on as much as it him just being a complete ASSHOLE. Look at that twenty years later and still remember word for word what he said. Great impression dick head.

  21. He should be happy to sign. Autograph collectors are some of the biggest sports fans. They’ve helped make him rich.

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