Madness is right around the corner!

In case anyone forgot, this entire weekend, Wax Heaven will be full of contests. As of now I do not know if they will begin at midnight or early Saturday morning. Either way, you have all day Saturday & Sunday to participate so do not worry about missing out.

I would like to thank Mike of Offy’s Sports Site for sending me my very first 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter. As you can see, it’s a mini but one of the better ones as it has the Ginter back. I am putting up a ransom for anyone who can procure this printing plate, along with two other Miller cards from 2009 A & G.

Whoever can do so will get 9 basketball certified autographs or 3 certified football autographs and a memorabilia card of comedian Will Ferrell. All that I ask is that you not spend too much money, as the Topps set hunters are out in full force on eBay.

As for my collection, I have created a spreadsheet to keep better count of my cards. It is in the very early stages and still needs a lot of work but shows every card I own.  You can view my Andrew Miller collection HERE.

One thought on “Madness is right around the corner!

  1. Just checking to make sure this all shows up right with the new wordpress account I created.

    Nice Miller card though!

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